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WEST Family
Mary's GENERATIONs 12-18


Generation No. 4


      8.  James West (Source: (1) Will of James West, 488, Hawkins Co. Court House, Rogersville, TN., (2) 1830 Census Hawkins Co. TN, 26.), born 12 Oct 1772 in Page Co.,VA (Source: Baptismal register, In Waylands History it states "A list of births and baptisms in Shenandoah County, VA from court records."  These records might have been recorded by the first rector of Beckford parish by the name of John Peter Gabriel Mluhlenberg who assumed charge in the fall of 1772.  Beckford Parish consisted of two churches,one in Mt. Jackson( which is the next town north of New Market) and the other in Woodstock.); died 05 Feb 1834 in Hawkins, TN.  He was the son of 16. William West and 17. Mary Rutherford.  He married 9. Nancy Grigsby 1798 in Rogersville, Hawkins Co. TN.

      9.  Nancy Grigsby (Source: 1863 Tax List for Hawkins Co. TN, Civil District 15.), born 1786 in Hawkins, TN; died Bef. 1836 in Hawkins, TN.  She was the daughter of 18. John Jr. Grigsby and 19. Winifred Elizabeth Breeden.


Notes for James West:

The original will books of the county were destroyed about  1863, but the County Court Clerk sometime after the Civil, copied the wills from the surviving loose papers that he was able to read.  Most of the originals are preserved in the Hawkins County Court House, Rogersville, Tennessee. 



Page 488    Dated: February 5, 1834


In the Name of God, Amen.  I James West of the County of Hawkins and State of Tennessee, being weak in body but in perfect mind and memory, thanks be given to God.  Calling into mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament.  That is to say; Principally and first of all, I give and recommend my soul into the hand of Almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God. And as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me in this life, I give, devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form:


First, I give and bequeath to Nancy my dearly beloved wife all my household and kitchen furniture and farming utensils and movable effects and all my stock, horses, cattle, sheep a nd hogs and ten negroes, to wit: Joe, Cate, Sind, Sall, Anderson, Looney, Jeff, Bets, Lisa, and Sook and their increase, which she is to have her lifetime and at her death all to be equally divided amongst my heirs to wit: John, William, Bayless, Samuel, Winney, Elizabeth, James, Polly, Calvin, Gideon, Lucy and Nancy.  Also, my lands which is to be equally divided among the said heirs at my wife's death by her freely to be possessed and enjoyed, and I do hereby utterly disallow,revoke and disannual all and every other testments, wills, legacies, bequests and Executors by me in any ways named, willed, and bequeathed, ratifying and comfirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament.  In witness whereof I  have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and thirty four.


James West  (seal)


Signed sealed published pronounced and declared by said James West as his last Will and Testament in presence of us who, in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our names.



More About James West:

Census: Bet. 1799 - 1830, Listed in Hawkins Co., TN

Military service: 1812, Private in the 3rd Reg't (Copelands West Tennessee Mi)


Notes for Nancy Grigsby:

1836 Tax List for Hawkins Co. TN

Civil District 15: beginning at the mouth of Robertsons creek then running up the river to the mouth of Beech creek thence up said creek to Ogbourn Hales then along a path leading across Grassy mountain at Manis's gap to the road in the valley leading from John Miller's mill to David Harmons and thence with said road to the dividing line between David Harmon and Ephraim Manis and with said line to the creek that runs down by Thomas K. Coldwelll's then up said creek leaving Coldwells house on the east thence following a path leading from the said Coldwells to where William Vernon formerly lived and thence up the Green county line on the top of Bays mountain and then with said county line westwardly to the corner of District No. 14 at Days gap then with the road leaving John West, James Long and John Dodson on the east then running by the two widow Mooneys to Robertsons creek at Aaron Mooneys and thence down said creek to the beginning.

Election to be held at Peter Smith's.

Listed is the adminstrator for Nancy West.


More About James West and Nancy Grigsby:

Marriage: 1798, Rogersville, Hawkins Co. TN


Children of James West and Nancy Grigsby are:

       4             i.      Samuel West, born 1804 in Hawkins, TN; died Bet. 14 Jun 1861 - 05 Feb 1862 in Osage Co., MO; married Nancy Pointer 24 Sep 1829 in Franklin Co., MO..

                     ii.      John West, born 1799 in Hawkins, TN.

                    iii.      William West, born 1800 in Persia, Hawkins Co., TN; died Abt. 1865 in Civil War, TN.


More About William West:

Burial: Providence, Hawkins, TN


                    iv.      Bayless West, born 1802 in Persia, Hawkins Co., TN; died 1862 in Scott, MO.

                     v.      Winney West, born Jun 1808 in Hawkins, TN; died 09 Jul 1841 in Hawkins, TN.

                    vi.      Elizabeth West, born 1810 in Hawkins, TN; died Unknown.

                   vii.      James West, born 1811 in Hawkins, TN.

                  viii.      Polly West, born Abt. 1813 in Hawkins, TN.

                    ix.      Gideon Rufus West, born 31 Jan 1820 in Hawkins, TN.


Notes for Gideon Rufus West:


County                     Roll Number                     Page Number

Texas                         C 6690                                    48


Date of Report

(Month/Day/Year)   Feb. 1, 1884    Name:  Gideon R. West    Sex and Colo: r  Sex - Male Color - White

 Age (Year/Month/Day):   63 Years, 2 Months, 9 Days    Occupation:  Farmer

Date of Death (Month/Day/Year AM or PM): Nov. 22, 1883 P.M.  

Single, Married, Widower or Widow:   Widower      Nationality:    U.S.A      Where Born:  Tenn.

 How long Resident in the state:   40    Place of Death:   Clinton Tp  

 Cause of Death:  Phthysis Pulmonaris    Duration of Disease:   5 yrs

                                   Place of Burial:  Stubb Cemetery   Date of Burial:  Nov. 23, 1883

Name of Undertaker:   D. Didrick--Mt. Grove, Mo. 

 Name and Residence of Physician Returning Certificate:   S.M. Hubbard  Mt. Grove, Mo.


More About Gideon Rufus West:

Burial: 23 Nov 1883, Stubb Cemetery,Mt. Grove, Mo.


                     x.      Calvin Morgan West, born 1819 in Persia, Hawkins Co., TN.

                    xi.      Louisiana Lucy West, born 1823 in Hawkins, TN.

                   xii.      Nancy West, born 1825 in Hawkins, TN.



      10.  William Pointer (Source: (1) 1819 Tax List of Franklin Co., MO, Gasconade TWP, p 55., (2) Gasconade Co. MO Will Book A, pg.1, 3, and 10. (pg.22?, Vol.15, 3/1972., (3) MO Pioneers," FHL book 977.8 D2h.), born Abt. 1774 in KY; died Abt. 1820 in Glasconade, MO.  He was the son of 20. George Pointer and 21. Betsea Unknown.  He married 11. Sarah 1803 in Gasconade Co., MO.

      11.  Sarah, born Bet. 1774 - 1776 in Mercer, Ky; died Unknown.

Notes for William Pointer:

1819 Tax List of Franklin Co., MO, Gasconade TWP, p 55.

Gasconade Co., MO, Will dated 27 Oct 1820.  Wife Sarah POINTER. Sons, John

and Joseph to receive a portion of the land. George, a horse. Daus, Sarah and

Hannah when they come of age 18.  Portion of land for use of wife and "my

little children" and at her decease to be divided between daus., Nancy and

Jane, when they come of lawful age.  Exrs, David EDMONDS & Joseph POINTER.

Wit: William HUGHS & Andrew EDWARDS.  L/T granted above named exrs. on 16 Jan

1821.  Recorded 24 Jan 1821.  (WA:1)  Inventory and sale of Personal Property

to following named - Joel ROBINSON, James BRUMLEY, Samuel DUNCAN, John

SULLEN, Isaac CHRISMAN, William OWEN, John M. KNOWLS, Robert SHOBE, RobertPRYOR, George POINTER, David EDWARDS, George PHILLIPS, Betsey TACKETT, Samuel ABOTT, and William TACKETT.  (WA:3) Sale of property of William POINTER to following:  William PRYOR, Joel ROBINSON, William CROWE, John STEPHENS &James KEGAN. 2 Jan 1822.  (WA:10).


 1821-1822, among purchasers at estate sale of William Pointer, will dated 27 Oct. 1820, recorded 24 Jan. 1821 and later in Gasconade Co. MO Will Book A, pg.1, 3, and 10. (pg.22?, Vol.15, 3/1972, "MO Pioneers," FHL book 977.8 D2h, from David Neal Duncan 2/1998)

Gasconade County, Missouri Deeds - Joseph Pointer

Book A   Pages 12 – 13     Bond

Know ye all men by these presents that Joseph Pointer of the County

of Franklin in the Territory of Missouri are held firmly bound him heirs

Executors and administrations unto William Pointer of the aforesaid in the

sum of Eight hundred dollars to his heir Executor and administration.

      The condition of the above obligation is as follows that if the said

William Pointer does well and truly pay unto the said Joseph Pointer four

hundred dollars agreeable to Law required by Congress for Public lands and

agreeable to the payments that said Joseph Pointer, Satisfied calls for

which is No. 1642 Entered the 27th of February 1819 and is fractional Section

No. 10 East of the Gasconade river in Township No. 44 Range No 6 West of the

5th principal Meridian there if the above bound Joseph Pointer does make unto

William Pointer or his assigns a good sufficient Warrantee Deed or Deed in

for S---- for two hundred acres of the above named Fractional Section,

agreeable to their condition line then this obligation to be void otherwise

to remain in full force as to virtue. As witnessed my hand and seal this

16th day of August A D 1820

                                          Joseph (X-his mark) Pointer (Seal)

Teste          David Edwards      Joel Robbinson


      August the 16th 1820       

      One hundred dollars of the within paid November the 28th A D 1820

      Received of the within Bond two hundred and fifteen dollars

      February 23rd 1822

      Paid to the Estate of Joseph Pointer deceased on this obligation from

      the estate of Wm Pointer deceased  Eighty five dollars       David Edwards


The above bond and credits thereon endorsed was recorded this 14th May 1822

David Waldo Clerk & ex officio Recorder. G. C.

More About William Pointer and Sarah:

Marriage: 1803, Gasconade Co., MO


Children of William Pointer and Sarah are:

       5             i.      Nancy Pointer, born Bet. 1809 - 1811 in MO; died Aft. 1880 in Osage Co., MO; married Samuel West 24 Sep 1829 in Franklin Co., MO..

                     ii.      John Pointer, born Unknown.

                    iii.      Joesph Pointer, born Unknown.

                    iv.      George Pointer, born Unknown.

                     v.      Sarah Pointer, born Unknown.

                    vi.      Hannah Pointer, born Unknown.

                   vii.      Jane Pointer, born Unknown.


      12.  William Cox (Source: Early Adventures on the Western Waters, Volume I, The New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days, 1745 - 1800Margaret B. Kegley and F. B. Kegley, Green Publishers, Inc, Orange, Virginia 1980 .), born 27 May 1770 in NC; died 1814 in White Co., TN.  He was the son of 24. Thomas Cox and 25. Sarah Unknown.  He married 13. Mary Dillard Abt. 1799 in Va..

      13.  Mary Dillard (Source: (1) 1828 Tax list for Gasconade Co MO Mary Cox. Andrew Cox, Thomas Cox, and Joshua Cox.., (2) will 3 Mar 1849 Gasconade Co MO.Mary Cox, will Dated 28 Aug 1846.), born Abt. 1770 in Va; died 1849 in Gasconade Co., MO.  She was the daughter of 26. Thomas Dillard and 27. Ruth Goad.


Notes for William Cox:

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy

[p.459] BIRTH AND DEATH RECORDS page 466

William Cox, s. Thomas & Sarah, b. 5-27-1770


According to John Perry Alderman's "The Settlements,"

Carroll Co. VA.1765-1815,"

There is a list of Thomas Dillard's children in an estate

appraisal. Patrick Co. VA. Will book 1-200.

In the sketch by Mr. Alderman on Thomas Dillard, six children

were named, Mary was referred to as Mary Cock or Cox, her husband


e-mail Mary Anne Sufphin  msutphin    8-11-2000



Posted by Ken Haas <> on Fri, 11 Aug 2000, in response to Ruth Goad, posted by Linda Fisher on Fri, 11 Aug 2000


Thomas Dillard died in Patrick County, Va. ca 1820. A deed of agreement as to his estate named the six children of he and Ruth (Goad). One child was Mary whose husband was Wlliam Cock. (The Cock family did not start using the Cox spelling until about the time of the Civil War.) Many of them in Grayson/Carroll descend from John Cock and Elizabeth Goad, she being a first cousin to Ruth Dillard.William was a son of Reuben Cock and although he was closely related to John and Elizabeth, no proof of that relationship has surfaced.--- Ken Haas


See: Patrick Co., WB I, 200. Appraised and inventoried property of Thomas Dillard, 4 Dec. 1820. William Cox, Admr.

Paid Mary Cox, one of the Legatees, in full of her Legacy       $382.00

Paid James Dillard, on acc't of his legacy       $321.90

Paid Wm. McMillion, on acc't of his legacy       $320.89

Paid Edward Dillard, on acc't of his legacy       $319.00

(These payments, plus others, marked as 28 Dec. 1821)

Earlier payments in 1820 include:

John Branson, one of the Legatees, in full       $382.00

John Bolt, one of the Legatees, in full       $382.00

Wm. McMillion, his acc't on Est.       $ 13.50

James Dillard, his acc't ag't the Est'a       $ 10.75

Ruth McMillion the ____ of her acc't       $ 11.25

Signed by M. Sandefur, Sam'l Hanby Jr., Jno. Tatum, 23 Nov. 1823,

and registered  Dec. Court 1823



Date:      10/29/2000 10:20:42 AM Central Standard Time

From: (Hillra Qualls)



Hi Linda,

I am sorry to be so will find the will of William Cocks, dec'd

around 1814 in the White Countywill book about page 28-29. Do go by

the years of 1814 as it will be easier.Here is the abstract:

To his wife, Mary, 1/3 both real and personal, to be equally div'd amount

the children Joshua, Reuben,Andrew, Henry, Rebecca, William and John.


 Dated August 23, 1814.

Last Will and Testament of William Cocks (Cox)


In the name of God Amen,  This Twenty Third day of August in this year of our Lord God, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fourteen.  I William Cocks of White County and State of Tennessee, being very sick and weak in body, but of required mind and memory, thanks again unto God. Therefor calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament.  That is to say and first of all I give and recommend my love into the hand of God that gave it and for my body , I recommend it to this earth to be buried in a Christian like and decent manner at the direction of my Executors not douthin but at the general Resurrection,  I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God, and touching such worldly estate.  Where with it has pleased God to help me in this life, I give , givide and dispose my debts and funeral expenses.  I give to my wife Mary Cocks one third of m y estate both Real and Personal for during the term of her natural life and after her decease.  I give the same to my children herein after named,  my loving sons, Joshua Cocks, Rueben Cocks, Thomas Cocks, Andrew Cocks, Henry Cocks, and my daughter Rebekah Cocks, William Cocks, and John Cocks also and equal division among them and to be enjoyed by them as they come of age and their heirs forever by my executors whom I appoint.


I likewise ordain and constitute my wife Mary Cocks and John Duoly and Peter Carter, Executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all other former wills or testaments by me heretofore made in writing whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal, day and year above written.


Signed, sealed, probated and delivered and declared to be the last will and testamemt of William Cocks, White County, October, Tennessee.


As present of above his request and in his present have but unto Subscribed our Names as witnesses to the same.

Stephen Gord, James Gord, and John Duoly

State of Tennessee - White County - October Term 1814.


This our Execution of the written will this day proven in said county by the oath of Stephen Gord, and John Duoly, two of the subscribing witnesses there to be last Will and Testament of Willliam Cocks of the County of White for the purpose there in to Execute and Ordered to be recorded where upon at the same time in like manner Mary Cocks was sworn Executor and John Duoly and Peter Carter Executors to this Last Will and Testament of the deceased.


Given at office this 18th October 1814   Test.  Jacob Hain, Clerk

           White County Court

Recorded and Examined January,  2nd, 1815   

Our William Cox is a mystery.  We have found a lot of things he could have been, from a courier to Daniel Boone to a Statesman but we have never found which or if any of these William Cox are ours.  We definitely know he was in Virginia when his children were born, either in Montgomery, Patrick or Carroll Countries.  He died in 1814 in White county Tennessee according to his will.


His widow was a daughter of Thomas Dillard and Ruth Goad of Virginia.  She brought property in White Country, Tennessee in 1816 and purchased land in Marion County, Tennessee in 1822.  According to her deed it was located on the Little Sequatchee River.  She went to Gasconade County, Missouri with her sons and was listed in the 1828 tax list


William's will in 1814 listed 8 children, 7 sons, Joshua, Andrew, Thomas, Rueben, Henry, William and John and one daughter Rebecca.  In Mary's will she did not list or mention the two sons Henry and John.


Mary must have had a tough life raising 8 children in the early 1800's. even though four of her sons were in their teens.  Then moving them across the State of Tennessee and then across the country through the mountains to Missouri.   


More About William Cox:

Will: 18 Oct 1814, Recorded and examined Jan. 2, 1815



Notes for Mary Dillard:

Will of Mary Cox


Recorded March 3, 1849                                    Gasconade Co., Missouri


In the name and in the fear of God, I, Mary Cox of the County of Gasconade in the State of Missouri, being of sound mind and deposing memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say - First it is my will that all of my just debts and my funeral expenses be fully paid as soon after my decease as possible out of the first moneys that should come into the hands of my Executor from any portion of my estate, real or personal.


Second -- It is my will that at my decease, a full and fair evaluation of all my Estate both personal, real or mised, except my colored man Berry, be made and an equal division of the same be made among my heirs, namely, Joshua Cox, Rueben Cox, Thomas Cox, Andrew Cox, William Cox, and Rebecca Shockley, deceased.


Third -- It is my will that my Granddaughter now Rebecca Haynes formerly Rebecca Shockley, the only heir of my own daughter Rebecca Shockley, deceased, have full and equal share of my estate in the name and in full of and for my daughter Rebecca Shockley, deceased, as aforesaid.


Fourth -- It is my will that my Servant, Berry, a collored man at my decease be free and that my Executor after my decease see that he has his freedom together with what little property is known to be his and that if any expense necessary occurs in making him free according to the Laws of this State that the same be paid out of the property known to belong to Berry.


Fifth -- It is my will that my son, Joshua Cox be my Executor to this my Last Will and Testament revoking and annulling all former wills by me and satisfying and confirming this and no other to be my Last Will and Testament.


In Testimony whereof, I have here with set  my Hand and Seal this 29th day of August A.D. 1846


Signed, Sealed and Acknowledged by the                               her

aboved named Mary Cox to be her Last Will                       Mary  X  Cox

Testament.  In the presence of us who she                      mark

requested to sign her as witness to the same                              his

and in her presence.                                       John  X  Branson


SATE OF MISSOURI                                                         his

COUNTY OF GASCONADE                                 Willis  X  Pennington


Gasconade County Court in vacation 5th May 1849                 his

                                                             Richard  X  Clemons



Children of William Cox and Mary Dillard are:

       6             i.      Reuben Cox, born Jul 1800 in VA.; died 07 Oct 1876 in Osage Co., MO; married (1) Ann Naper; married (2) Susan Burgess Abt. 1820 in TN; married (3) Rachael Eads 20 May 1841 in Gasconade Co., MO.

                     ii.      Rebecca Cox, born Abt. 1809 in VA.; died Unknown; married Uriah Shockley; born Unknown.

                    iii.      Thomas Cox, born Unknown.

                    iv.      Joshua Cox, born 15 Jan 1799 in Montgomery, VA.; died Sep 1867 in Gentry, MO; married Sarah Shockley.

                     v.      Andrew Cox, born 1804 in Montgomery Co., VA; died Unknown; married Mary Shockley; born Unknown; died Unknown.

                    vi.      William Cox (Source: Pioneer Settlers of Osage Co., Gasconade Co., and Maries Co. Missouri   by Margargaaret H. Gentges, Pg 16.), born 05 Jun 1811 in VA.; died 29 Mar 1857; married (1) Pressha Campbell; born Abt. 1817; died 01 Aug 1839; married (2) Margaret Barbarick; born Unknown; died Unknown; married (3) Rosemary Bounds; born Unknown; died Unknown; married (4) Elizabeth W. Roberts; born Abt. 1811; died 1849 in Died Easter Day.

More About William Cox:

Burial: Feuers Cemetery, Osage Co., MO

Occupation: Sheriff


                   vii.      Wiley Cox, born Abt. 1814 in TN; died Unknown.



      14.  John Burgess, born Bef. 1755; died Bef. Apr 1804 in Burke Co,. NC.  He was the son of 28. Richard Jr. Burgess and 29. unknown.  He married 15. Mary McBee.

      15.  Mary McBee, born Abt. 1780 in Spartanburg District, South Carolina; died 10 Apr 1825 in Lincolnton, North Carolina.  She was the daughter of 30. Vardry McBee and 31. Hannah Echols.


Children of John Burgess and Mary McBee are:

       7             i.      Susan Burgess, born 1800 in Burke Co., NC; died Oct 1832 in Gasconade Co., MO; married Reuben Cox Abt. 1820 in TN.

                     ii.      John Burgess, born Abt. 1787 in Burke Co., NC; died Unknown.

                    iii.      William Burgess, born Abt. 1789 in Burke Co,. NC; died 1845 in Gasconade Co., MO; married Besty Crider.

                    iv.      Vardery McBee Burgess (Source: Burke County, NC Marriage Bonds.), born 1794 in Burke Co,. NC; died 1850 in Burke Co,. NC; married Martha Hix 01 Apr 1817 in Burke Co,. NC; born Abt. 1796.

Notes for Vardery McBee Burgess:

Burgis, Vardery McBee         ///      Hix, Martha   Apr 1, 1817 Bondsman- James McGalliar

More About Vardery Burgess and Martha Hix:

Marriage: 01 Apr 1817, Burke Co,. NC

                     v.      Joseph Burgess, born Abt. 1796 in Burke Co,. NC; died Abt. 1865 in Burke Co,. NC.

                    vi.      Mary Elvira Burgess, born 1803 in Burke            
                            Co,.NC;  died Unknown; married Burton Cooper.

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