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A Brief Family History
Family Tree for Jacob Flemine Hufstedler
Ancestors of Jacob Flemine Hufstedler
Ancestors of Jacob Generation 4
Ancestors of Jacob Generations 5-12
WEST Family
Mary's GENERATIONs 12-18

      Mid  1600's

                                         Generation No. 8


      128.  John WEST, born Abt. 1660; died Aft. 1706.  He was the son of 256. John WEST and 257. Susannah/Sarah PIERSON.  He married 129. Ann HARRIS.

      129.  Ann HARRIS (Source: The West Family of Stafford County, Virginia - The Final Chapter: Being an Account of the Three Husbands of Anne Harris," by Thomas Spalding, in the March 1996 Owsley Family Historical Society Newsletter.).  She was the daughter of 258. Lieutenant William Harris.


Child of John WEST and Ann HARRIS is:

       64           i.      John West, born Abt. 1690; died 1744; married Dorothy in Stafford Co., VA.


      144.  John Grigsby (Source: (1) Colonial Families In The US., (2) *(Deed Book 1, p. 501) Stafford County., (3) John Grigsby's Will,1730, Book M, pages 17-18.), born 08 Aug 1624 in Maidstone, Kent., England; died 11 Oct 1730 in St. Pauls Parish, Stafford, VA.  He was the son of 288. Thomas Grigsby and 289. Ellizabeth Bancks.  He married 145. Sarah Jane Rosser 1678 in St. Pauls Parsh, Stafford, VA.

      145.  Sarah Jane Rosser, died Bef. 1709 in St. Pauls Parish, Stafford, VA.  She was the daughter of 290. James Rosser.

           Notes for John Grigsby:

The Grigsbys were in Kent by 1500. Tradition says there were of Welsh extraction but this has never been proven.

The first Grigsby in my records was John, born in Maidstone, Kent ca 1505, committed suicide by drowning on 19 Jan 1549 in Mersham, England. He married ca 1525 in Loose, Kent to Margaret Sharp. The had six known children - Alexander, Justinian, Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary and Catherine.


Alexander Grigsby, Gentleman, was born ca 1526 in Maidstone and died 12 Apr 1575 in Mersham. He married ca 1552 in Marsham to Anna ____. They had four known children - Isaac, Katheryn, Sibell and Margaret.


Isaac Grigsby, Gentleman, (ca 1553 Loose - 14 Aug 1604 Mersham) m (5 Jan 1597 Ashford, Kent) Joane Finch. Two known children - Thomas and Alexander.


Thomas Grigsby (6 Dec 1599 Mersham - ca 1650 Maidstone) m (9 Jun 1622) Elizabeth Bankes. Their children - John, Mary, Thomas, Margaret, Stephen, Thomas (named for older brother who died young), Alexander and Elizabeth.


John Grigsby (8 Aug 1624 Maidstone - 11 Oct 1730 Stafford Co., VA) m Unknown. Six known children - John, Charles, Mary Ann, James, William and Thomas. This is the beginning of the Grigsby clan in America and most (but not all) Grigsbys in the states are descendants of this John.


Most of this is from the research of Camilla Denys who was for many years genealogist for the National Grigsby Family Society.

Colonial Families In The US


John and his brother, James, came to Virginaia in about the year 1660 on the restoration of Charles II.  They were on the side of the Puritians as Independents.  Both were soldiers under Cromwell.



John Grigsby's Will,1730, Book M, pages 17-18

In the name of God Amen, I John Grigsby of the Parish of St. Paul in the county of Stafford being in good health of body, sound, perfect and disposing mind and memory, thanks be returned to God for same, yet being sensible of the uncertainty of this mortal life, do make, publish, and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner & form following (that is to say) first and principally I recommend my soul into hands of Almighty God, hoping through the meritorius death & passion of my Blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ to receive full & free pardon and remition of my sins and to inherit everlasting salvation, and my body I commit to the earth to be decently interred at the discretion of my executors hereafter mentioned as touching the disposition of such temporall estate as it hath pleased Almighty God to bestow upon me, I give and dispose thereof as followeth (viz)

Item I give unto my son John Grigsby & his heirs part of tract of land I bought of Nicholas Battain from his spring branch to uper corner tree by Wm. Smith's old field and likewise I give him three Negros, Sambo, ____, & Dick.

Item I give unto my son Charles Grigsby all that parcell of land from the swamp to Mr. Chandler Fowke's line whereon he now lives, it being in the pattain I bought of Nick Battain and likewise I give unto him two Negros, Bobin & James, and to him and & his heirs the land & Negros.

Item I give unto my daughter Mary Ann four Negros, Jenny, Will, Joney & and Bess, to her and her heirs.

Item I gave unto my son James Grigsby and his heirs all that parsall of land whereon he now lives from Jones Branch up his own spring branch and to across to his brother John' spring branch, and likewise I give him three Negros, Jack, Ben, Dall and her increase forever to him & and his heirs.

Item I give unto my son Wm. Grigsby, and his heirs all that parcell of land whereon he now lives, it being part of that patten I bought of Nicholas Battain from James' spring branch up Jones Branch to my head line and so along the line to his brother John's land, and likewise I give him three Negros, Allow, Jane & Grace, their increase to him and his heirs forever.

Item I give unto my son Thomas Grigsby all the remainer part of that pattain. I bought of Battain from the end of Wolf Pit Point up Jones Branch to my head line on the east side of branch;

also I give him the said tract of land whereon now I live to him and his heirs and likewise I give him three Negros, Nan, Genny, Mary, and their increase to him & his heirs forever and likewise I give unto my son Thomas Grigsby all my hoggs belonging to me and likewise I give him half my cattle and the other half of Cattle to be divided between my other four sons and daughter and like- wise all my other part of my moveable estate to be equally divided between my six children and further I doe desire that my estate may not be brought to an appraisement, and further I doe appoint my two sons John and Thomas Grigsby to be my executors of this my last will & testament to see that everything equally divided between themselves revoking all former wills as witness my hand and seals this 17th March, 1728/9.

Signed & Sealed in the Present of us & Delivered:


Hen. Lopdell           Jn. Grigsby     (seal)   Eliz. Q. Eaton  her mark

   At a Court held for Stafford County the 11th day of November 1730 this Will was presented into Court by John Grigsby and Thomas Grigsby, executors therein named, who made oath thereto and the same being further proved by the oath of Elizabeth Eaton, one of the witnesses thereto, who also made oath that she saw Henry Lopdell, another witness, subscribed, sign the same it is admitted to record and on the motion of the said executors, certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.

                Test:   Catesby Cook, Clerk

                A Copy Teste:   S. L. Alexander, Clerk 

                Recorded in Will Book M, pages 17 & 18.


*(Deed Book 1, p. 501) Stafford County reveals a contract made on March 11, 1727, between John Grigsby, blacksmith, of Stafford County, and Charles Hardy, by which the latter is to serve apprenticeship to Grigsby for a "full time of six years. "Old John" would at that time have been too feeble to enter into such an active agreement. His son John, must have been the author of the instrument.

          More About John Grigsby:

Burial: St. Pauls Parish, Stafford, VA

Emigration: 1860, Came to Virginia with his brother James on the restoration of Charles II.  They were on the side of the Puritians as Independents.  Both were soldiers under Cromwell

            More About John Grigsby and Sarah Rosser:

Marriage: 1678, St. Pauls Parsh, Stafford, VA


Children of John Grigsby and Sarah Rosser are:

       72           i.      Charles Grigsby, born 1682 in St. Pauls Parish, Stafford, VA; died 11 Nov 1740 in St. Pauls Parish, Stafford, VA; married Sarah Wilkerson.

                     ii.      John Grigsby, born 1680 in Stafford Co. VA; died 18 Jan 1756 in Stafford Co. VA.

                    iii.      Mary Ann (Jane) Grigsby, born 1684 in Stafford Co. VA; died 1747 in Stafford Co. VA.

                    iv.      James Redmond Grigsby, born 1686 in Stafford Co. VA; died 1752 in Stafford Co. VA.

                     v.      William W. Grigsby, born 1686 in St. Pauls Parish, Stafford, VA; died 30 May 1782 in King George, VA.

                    vi.      Thomas Grigsby, born 1689 in St. Pauls Parish, Stafford, VA; died 07 May 1745 in Stafford Co. VA.

                   vii.      John Grigsby, born 1690 in St. Pauls Parish, Stafford, VA; died Mar 1752 in Stafford Co. VA.



      160.  George Pointer, born 1675; died Unknown.  He married 161. Mrs. Pointer 1698.

      161.  Mrs. Pointer, born 1677; died Unknown.

          More About George Pointer and Mrs. Pointer:

Marriage: 1698


Child of George Pointer and Mrs. Pointer is:

       80           i.      Joesph Pointer, born 18 Jul 1700 in Bitteswell, Leic, England; died 22 Jun 1756 in Bitteswell, Leic, England; married Dorothy Orton 13 Nov 1719 in Bitteswell, Leic, England.


      208.  James Stephen Dillard Jr., born 1698; died 1790 in Amhurst Co., VA.  He was the son of 416. James Stephen Dillard Sr. and 417. Louise "Laura" Gervanas Page.  He married 209. Lucy Wise Bef. 1725.

      209.  Lucy Wise, born 1706 in New Keat Co., VA; died Unknown.  She was the daughter of 418. Captain Wise and 419. Unknown.

          Notes for James Stephen Dillard Jr.:


Compiled by Carol Ruth (Gehrs) Mitchell

211 Capitol Drive

Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania 15236

John Carbonne D'Ilard, born in France, died in England, to escape religious persecution in France came to England with William the Conqueror and settled in Wiltshire. The Dillard name was of French orgin, having abridged from Carbonne d'Illard, used to designate a family living in the Carbonne area along the Rhine River in northern France. He had a son:

1. John Carbonne D'Illard, D1, who changed the name to Dillard and died in Wiltshire, England, and had a son:


a. John Dillard, D1a, son of John Carbonne D'Illard, had a son George Dillard, D1ab, born ca. 1634 in Wiltshire, England and died in Virginia. George Dillard was sent by the British government to Jamestown, VA, as attorney for King George III, and became the common ancestor of the Dillards in America. He served in the Jamestown Colonial Militia and for his services against the indians was given a patent for 250 acres of land, and soon became a landed proprietor.


b. George Dillard, D1ab, son of John Dillard, married Mary Daniel in Wiltshire England and had three children prior to immigrating to Virginia:


1. James Stephen Dillard, D1abc.


George Dillard owned part of "Middle Plantation" between Jamestown and Williamsburg and in his will he gave 389 acres to his only son, James Stephen Dillard.


James Stephen Dillard, D1abc, along with Captain Wise and Captain Page was granted 25,000 acres of land in Virginia known as "Williamsburg Plantation". He married Louisa "Laura" Page, daughter of Captain Page, and had a son:

1. James Stephen Dillard, Jr., D1abcd, born in 1698, James City County, VA.



James Stephen Dillard, Jr., D1abcd, son of James Stephen and Louisa "Laura" (Page) Dillard, was born in 1698, James City County, VA, will dated 13 March 1790, married in 1724, Lucy Wise, shared with his father-in-law Captain Wise the 25,000 acre "Williamsburg Plantation". James Dillard was a Revolutionary War patriot and with his wife lived in Amherst County, VA, and had a son:

1. William Dillard, D1abcde, son of James Stephen Jr. and Lucy (Wise) Dillard, was born ca. 1730, Amherst County, VA, died in 1820, married ca. 1752, Mildred (?) and had seven children:


More About James Jr. and Lucy Wise:

Marriage: Bef. 1725


Children of James Jr. and Lucy Wise are:

       104         i.      Thomas Dillard Sr., born Bef. 1725 in King and Queen Co., VA; died Bef. Jun 1774 in Pittsylvania Co., VA; married Winifred Nalle 1734 in Old Rappahannock or Essex Counties, Virginia.

                     ii.      Nichols Dillard

                    iii.      Stephen Dillard

                    iv.      John Dillard

                     v.      Willaim Terry Dillard

                    vi.      James Dillard


      210.  Nartin Nalle (Source: (1) : Essex County, Va DB 17 P 108 & WB 5, folio 271; 6-366., (2) Essex Co., VA. DB 20 p 88., (3) NALL FAMILIES OF AMERICA by Sally Nall Dolphin and Charles Fuller Nall (1978.), born 1670; died Bet. 09 Apr - 20 Aug 1728 in Essex Co., VA.  He was the son of 420. Robert Nalle and 421. Eleanor Willis.  He married 211. Mary Aldin May 1705 in ESSEX CO., VA.

      211.  Mary Aldin (Source: (1) : Essex County, Va DB 17 P 108 & WB 5, folio 271; 6-366., (2) Essex Co., VA. DB 20 p 88.), born 01 Apr 1681 in CHRIST'S CHURCH PARISH, MIDDLESEX CO., VA; died 18 Jun 1734.  She was the daughter of 422. Robert Adlin and 423. Eleanor Willis.

Notes for Nartin Nalle:

 families Nalle and Aldin


Martin Nalle: Some researchers say that  Martin was born in England, 1675-80, and came to America as an indentured servant in 1701-02. That research also says that Martin married Mary Aldin in 1702. This is contradictory because as an indentured servant, Martin would have few more personal rights than a slave for the period of servitude (likely seven years), and most certainly would not have been allowed to marry. And, even if he were permitted to marry, a marriage between an indentured servant and someone of Mary's station in life -- from a propertied family -- would certainly be very unlikely. In 1700 men far out numbered women in the Colonies and any young, single woman could have her pick of many eligible bachelors. It is unlikely that any woman would choose an indentured servant over a man with property or other talents to provide some comforts in life. Thus, while Martin was claimed on a headright grant  it is doubtful he was an indentured servant.

Jane "Mary" Aldin was born in 1681 in Virginia, the daughter of Robert Aldin and Ellianor Willis. It is not known when her family came to the Colonies, but it was likely at least two generations before because as a young girl she had been named in her grandparents Virginia will. If she was, in fact, born in 1681 as a third generation American, this means her family were among the very earliest of pioneers to the New World. Her ancestry was English, and in fact, four generations before, her ancestors had been English nobility, owning manors in Kent, Charing, and Lenham.


Martin and Mary lived in Essex County, Virginia where they were tobacco farmers. Together they had eight children, the second of whom was Winnifred who married Thomas Dillard. Martin died in 1728; Mary in 1734.


Martin Nalle, whose will was recorded in Essex Co., VA., in 1728, mentions in it his wife Mary & eight children, naming John, Martin, Winnifret; and Mary in her will 22 March 1734 mentions children Nathan, Amay Frazer, Agnes Nall, Richard, John & Martin.


The Nall family does have Revolutionary War evidence. The Nall/Nalle family in the United States has 7 listings in the DAR Patriot Index as serving in one capacity or another for the American cause in the Revolutionary War. They are Francis 1740-1816 VA; James 1740/45- 1814 VA; John 1700-1782 VA; Martin Jr. 1740-1806 VA; Martin Sr. 1710-1788 VA; William 1736-1808 NC; and William 1744-1791 VA

More About Nartin Nalle:

Burial: 1728, Martin Nalle Cemetery Near Tappahannok, Essex Co., Viginia


Notes for Mary Aldin:

Mary (ALDIN) NALLE is believed to have been born in mid - 1681 and baptized Aug. 21 1861, in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co., VA., the daughter of Robert and Ellianor (WILLIS) ALDIN. Although the

given name recorded in the Cristening record was "Jane", other factors indicate that she may have been the person referred to in later records as "Mary". No further references to a Jane ALDIN were found in the parish records. There was no birth record for a Mary ALDIN, although those of her brother John in 1683, and sister Katherine in 1685, were noted. These were the three children named by Ellianor (WILLIS) ALDIN KEMP in a deed in 1714: " consideration for the love I have and bear to my son John ALLDIN...two daughters in Essex, Mary NALLE and Catherine TERBETT..." Mary NALLE and Katherine TURBETT were named in the will of their step-father, Richard KEMP, in 1714, and also in a division of land dated Oct. 15, 1722. Mary (ALDIN) NALLE was born certainly before 1685. In his will dated Jan. 1685, Matthew BENTLEY, step-father of Ellianor (WILLIS) ALDIN, left to his step-granddaughter "Mary ALLDEN..a young maire. In 1688 "Mary ALLDEN" was bequeathed "a good cow and calfe" by the will of her uncle, John WILLIS. She may have been called "Mary" after the death of her grandmother, Mary WILLIS BENTLEY. Mary (ALDIN) NALLE died in 1734 in Essex Co.,VA. On June 5, 1705 Mary (ALDIN) NALLE, was deeded land from her mother and step-father. "Richard KEMP and Elianor his wife...for and in consideration of the sum of thirty pounds sterling... give grant... and confirme unto the said Mary NAULE and Katherine TURBETT and the heires of their bodyes and for want of such heires of the body of

either of them to the longest liver of them and her heires forever ...three hundred acres of land...situate lying and being in the [County of Essex] be equally divided in quality and quantity into

two parts and then the said Mary NAULE is to have her first choice..." The 300 acres of land had been conveyed to Richard and Elianor KEMP by Robert and Elizabeth DEPUTY on July 10, 1703. The will of Richard KEMP, Mary (ALDIN) NALLE'S step-father, was presented for probate on May 13, 1714. In his will he bequeathed to her: "I give unto Mary NALL six hundred pounds of tobacco. In 1722 the land wich had been deeded in 1705 to Mary (ALDIN) NALLE and her sister was officially divided.

[Ref: Essex County, VA Reords: DB D-17 p 108. VA Magazine of History Vol 5-250; Fleet's Colonial Abstracts-Essex County 1705-1706, p 66

       More About Mary Aldin:

Baptism: 21 Aug 1681, Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co Va

Burial: 24 Jun 1734, Martin Nalle Cemetery Near Tappahannok, Essex Co., Viginia

      More About Nartin Nalle and Mary Aldin:

Marriage: May 1705, ESSEX CO., VA


Children of Nartin Nalle and Mary Aldin are:

       105         i.      Winifred Nalle, born Abt. 1705 in Essex Co Va; died Bef. 1774; married Thomas Dillard Sr. 1734 in Old Rappahannock or Essex Counties, Virginia.

                     ii.      John Nalle, born Abt. 1725 in Virginia.

                    iii.      Elizabeth Nalle, born Abt. 1706 in Virginia.

                    iv.      Martin Nalle, born Abt. 1707 in Virginia.

                     v.      Emery Nalle, born Abt. 1709 in Virginia.

                    vi.      Agnes Nalle, born Abt. 1712 in Virginia.

                   vii.      Richard Nalle, born in Virginia.

                  viii.      Nathan Nalle, born 1720 in Virginia.



      216.  Richard Goode (Source: (1) The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants, Religious Exiles; Political Rebels, Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went From Great Britain to the American Plantations - 1600 - 1700 - With Their Ages, The Localities Where The Formerly Lived in the Mother Country, the Names of the Ships in Which They Embarked, and Other Interesting Particulars. From Mss. Preserved in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty's Public Record Office, Edited by John Camden Hotten, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc 1983., (2) Virginia County Court Records, Order Book Abstracts of Lancaster County, Virginia 1656 - 1661, covers pages 1 -174; Edited and Published by Ruth and Sam Sparacio; The Antient Press; McLean Virginia, 1993.), born 1630 in St. Minver Co. England; died 1719 in Old Rappahannock Co., VA.  He married 217. Sarah Parker Unknown.

      217.  Sarah Parker, born Unknown; died 1705 in Essex Co., VA.

         Notes for Richard Goode:

RICHARD GOODE, son of Richard Goode of Cornwall, was an immigrant from England like his brother John.  Family tradition states that there were two brothers, who settled first upon the “eastern shore” and afterwards came to the James River.  Whether or not John and Richard Goode were for a time residents of Accomac, we shall probably never know; nor is it known that Richard Goode accompanied his brother to Barbados.  It is possible that he may rather have come to Virginia by way of New England.  One Richard Goode was juryman at a court in Massachusetts in 1646 who may have been the same as there are no subsequent traces of him in the more northern colony.  In 1670, Richard Goode received a grant of 250 acres of land in Virginia, “between the Chickahominy River and the Great Swamp.”  This would appear from the land register, to have been in the old Rappahannock county, abolished in 1690, and included in part in Essex, Richmond, Caroline, and Spottsylvania counties.  The records of this region, were in great part destroyed during the civil war, but a portion of them is still preserved at Tappahannock, and has enabled us to connect to Richard Goode, the emigrant, with some, at least, of his descendants.  He died about 1719, at which time, July 19, his will is recorded.  He would appear, therfore, to have been younger than his brother John. (Note: the 1719 date of death is likely that of his son, Richard, Jr. - MpG)


29 Aprilis 1635

THEIS vnder written names are to betrans ported to New-England imbarqued in the Elizabeth & Ann ROGER COOp [COOPER] Mrthe parties have brought Certificate from the Minister of the pish & Justices of Peace of their conformitie to the orders & discipline of the Church of England & yt they are no Subsedy-men

RICR: GOARD.........


17viij0 Maij 1635

THEIS vnder-written names are to be transported to New-England imbarqued in the Elizabeth & Ann ROGER COOp [COOPER] Mr the pties have brought Cert: from the Ministers where their abodes were: & from the Justices of peace of their conformitie to the orders & discipline of the Church of England & yt they are no Subsedy-men, they have taken the oaths of Alleg: & Suprem:

RICR: GOARD.........


Virginia County Court Records, Order Book Abstracts of Lancaster County, Virginia 1656 - 1661, covers pages 1 -174; Edited and Published by Ruth and Sam Sparacio; The Antient Press; McLean Virginia, 1993


 Lancaster County Court Order Book Abstracts concerning persons transported there30

1st of April 1657





 I doe hereby assigne over the right of the above named p:sons beinge thirtie six in all unto CUTHBERT POTTER or his assignes as Witness my hand this 7th day of December 1656.............................MYLES DIXON


Children of Richard Goode and Sarah Parker are:

       108         i.      Abraham Goad, born Bef. 1660 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., Va; died 11 Apr 1734 in VA; married Katherine Williams 1692 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA.

                     ii.      Thomas Goad, born Unknown.

                    iii.      Richard Goad, born Unknown.

                    iv.      Elizabeth Goad, born Unknown.

                     v.      Mary Goad, born Unknown.

                    vi.      Sarah Goad, born Unknown.



      218.  John Williams  He married 219. Eva Willams.

      219.  Eva Willams


Children of John Williams and Eva Willams are:

       109         i.      Katherine Williams, born 1674 in Richmond Co., VA; died 23 May 1741 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., Va; married Abraham Goad 1692 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA.

                     ii.      John Williams, born 1668 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., Va; died 23 Jul 1771 in Bedford Co., VA.


      224.  Capt. Edward Burgess (Source: (1) Colonial Famillies of the United States of American: Volume 7 Issue., (2) Marlborough Towne Chapter, N.S.D.A.R., Tombstone Inscriptions of Southern Anne Arundel County, (Baltimore: Gateway Press, Inc., 1971), 325., (3) Lower Norfolk Co., VA deeds, wills and orders 2:16, FHL microfilm 0,032,823., (4) Maryland Patents Q:403, FHL microfilm 0,013,064.., (5) William Burgess will, Maryland wills 4:242-245, FHL microfilm 0,012,843., (6) All Hallows Parish Register, 1888 MD Historical Society copy; FHL   microfilm 0,013,279, item 1.., (7) William Burgess will, Maryland wills 4:242-245, FHL microfilm 0,012,843.), born 29 Aug 1651 in Anne Arundel Co., MD; died 04 Mar 1722 in Anne Arundel Co., MD.  He was the son of 448. Col. Willam Burgess and 449. Elizabeth Robbins.  He married 225. Sarah Chew 24 Jan 1685.

      225.  Sarah Chew (Source: Anne Chew will, Maryland wills 7:59-61, FHL microfilm 0,012,843..), born 1670 in Anne Arundel Co., MD; died 12 May 1740 in Anne Arundel Co., MD.  She was the daughter of 450. Col. Samuel Chew and 451. Anne Ayres.

        Notes for Capt. Edward Burgess:

5. EDWARD3 BURGESS, CAPT (WILLIAM2, DANIEL1) was born August 29, 1651 in South River Hundred, Anne Arundel County , Md, and died March 04, 1721/22 in All Hollows Parish, Maryland. He married SARAH CHEW January 24, 1685/86 in Maryland, daughter of SAMUEL CHEW and ANN AYRES. She was born 1662 in Anne Arundel Co, Maryland, and died May 12, 1740 in Anne Arundel Co, Maryland.

            Notes for EDWARD BURGESS, CAPT:

He followed early in the footsteps of his father and in 1676 accompanied him 0n the punitive expedition against the Nanticoke Indians, for which he was voted 80 lbs of Tobacco.


On June 6, 1678, he was commissioned one of the Gentle man Justices of Peace for Anne Arundel County, and was at times a member of the Quorum. In 1683 he and his father were Appointed members of a commission to "Survey and Manage the Building of a Court House."


As early as 1676 it has been shown that he was active in Indian warfare and at that time it is believed that his position was that of a junior officer. In 1696 he was addressed as Captain, and in 1689, the year of the Revolution, it was definitely stated that he was "Captain of the Foote" in Anne Arundel County, In 1693 he was questioned relative to 45 muskets belonging to the Provincial Magazine then in the custody of Dr. Mordecai Moore and which were acquired in some manner by the insurgents in 1689.


The success of the Protestant Revolution led by Blackiston, Coode, Beall and others resulted in the Calverts losing their Province for a number of years except as landlords. In consequence those who formerly held office and were loyal to the Calverts retired to their planation and their names no longer were among those who held office. It is particularly significant that after 1689 the name of Edward Burgess is no longer found as a public servant of the Province.


At the establishment of the Church of England as the State Church of Maryland upon the ascension of William and Mary, Edward Burgess was appointed one or the vestryman of South River or All Hallow's Parish, but the appointments to the various vestries were more on the grounds of leadership and character than political.


Some time after July 26, 1676, Capitan Burgess married Sarah Chew, the daughter of Col. Samuel Chew, of Herrington, and Anne his wife. Col. Chew who had been associated with Col. William Burgess in military affairs died testate in Anne Arundel Count and bequeaths personal property to his daughter Sarah Chew.


ON Feb. 9, 1685/86 Edward Burgess, conveyed to John Gaither, Planter, several tracts of land which had been obtained from Robert Procter, Innholder.....and whereas Lord Baltimore, at St. Mary's City on 2/16/1658 did grant to John Freeman, planter, land called "ffremanston" laying on the west side of Chesapeake Bay in a river called South River near the head of South River between two main branches containing 150 acres....and where as 74 acres became the right of Robert Proctor in right of Elizabeth his now wife, the late wife of said John Freeman, and also 300 acres of "Ffreemans' Fancy" came to the right of the said Robert Proctor in right of wife Eliazbeth.....and whereas Lord Baltimore did grant to Robert Proctor on 9/8/1668 "The Landing"....and whereas Robert Proctor and Elizabeth his now wife by their indenture of 1/10/1673 granted to George Puddington, of South River, the 75 aforesaid acres of land, being part of 150 acres of "Ffreemanston" also 100 acres of"Ffreeman's Fancy" also 75 acres of "The Landing" in all 245 acres......." Thereupon Edward Burgess sold the plantations to John Gaither for 13,000 lbs of Tobacco. Sarah Burgess his wife waived all dower rights.


On April 14, 1704, he conveyed to William Nicholson, for and in consideration of "a marriage shortly to take place between the said William Nicholson and Elizabeth Burgess the daughter of the said Edward Burgess" a portion of "Puddington Harbour" granted by Lord Baltimore to George Puddington and by will willed to Edward Burgess, Sarah Burgess waived all dower rights.



The records of All Hallow's Church state that he was buried on March 4, 1722/23. His last will and testament dated August 29, 1721, was admitted to probate in Anne Arundel County on Mary 14, 1722/23 by Thomas Fallows, John Vines, Stepehn West, Benjamin Gaither and John Pilburn.


"To wife Sarah the dwelling plantation "Burgess in Rite" during her life, but 15 acres of which near the Home Cove to their daughter Margaret Ware during her life only.


To sons Samuel and John residue of all land except the land on Scotch Creek which was to be sold for the payment of all debts, but after the death of his don Samuel Burgess and Elizabeth his wife share was to descend to Edward, Benjamin and Elizabeth, the children of the said Sameul Burgess and Elizabeth his wife.


To son John Burgess one-half of the landlord estate, but if he predeceased his wife, Jane, then the widow was to enjoy it only during her natural life, and inasmuch as said John died with-issue then the landed estate was to be divided equally among the testator's heirs.


Executors-wife Sarah Burgess and sons John and Samuel Burgess


The inventory of his personal estate was recorded as "Captain Edward Burgess late of Anne Arundel County Deceased, and filed on April 6, 1723. The appraisement was 188lbs, 8 shillings and 8 pence including a silver seal, cane, Books and six Negro slaves. Margaret Ward and Benjamin approved as the nearest kin. The final account filed on March 2, 1737/37 showed an over payment of 36lbs 6 shillings and 11 pence by his executors Samuel Burgess and John Burgess.


The last will and testament of his widow was written on 9/6/1738 and probated May 12, 1740

The estate of her deceased was to be divided into three equaled parts 1/3 to son Sameul Burgess, 1/3 to son John Burgess 1/3 to be divided among daughters Ann White, Sarah Gaither, and Sussanna Richardson.


To Grandson William Ware 40 shillings.

To granddaughter Ann Balmda 40 shillings

Executors-son Benjamin Gaither and John Burgess


The personal estate was appraised on May 16, 1740 by William Sellman and James Nicholson at 238lbs 16 shillings and 16 pence. Samuel Burgess and Sussanna Richardson signed as the next of kin, while Samuel Preston Moore and Rachel Moore signed as the greatest creditors. It was not recorded at court until May 28, 1741, by Benjamin Gaither and John Burgess.


Colonial Families of the United States of America: Volume 7 ISSUE


CAPTAIN EDWARD BURGESS came from Virginia with his father; was Commissioner for Opening the Port of Londontown; Justice of the Provincial Court and Captain of the Foote; he was the Executor and heir of George PUDDINGTON who came to Virginia in the Sea Flower in 1622; m. Sarah CHEW, dau. of Samuel CHEW, the son of John of Chestertown.


More About Capt. Burgess and Sarah Chew:

Marriage: 24 Jan 1685


Children of Capt. Burgess and Sarah Chew are:

       112         i.      Samuel Chew Burgess, born 13 Nov 1698 in So. River Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD; died 23 Jan 1743; married Elizabeth Fowler Durbin 13 Apr 1716 in Anne Arundel Co., MD.

                     ii.      John Burgess, born 17 Aug 1696; died 1777; married (1) Jane Maklefresh; married (2) Elizabet Sparrow.

                    iii.      William Burgess, born 19 Nov 1684; died Unknown.

                    iv.      Anne Burgess, born 05 Dec 1685; died 1715; married ? White.

                     v.      Edward Burgess, born 1686; died Unknown.

                    vi.      Elizabeth Burgess, born 05 Aug 1687; died Unknown; married ? Nicholson.

                   vii.      Margaret Burgess, born Bef. 13 Nov 1698; died Unknown; married ? Ware.

                  viii.      Susanna Burgess, born 14 Mar 1698; married ? Richardson.

                    ix.      Sarah Burgess, born Unknown; married Benjamin Gaither 1709; born in Gaither Fane Howard Co. MD.


      242.  William Brock, born Unknown; died Unknown.


Child of William Brock is:

       121         i.      Jane Brock, born Abt. 1679 in Prince George Co., Maryland; died 27 Nov 1746 in Prince George Co. MD; married Mathew McBee Abt. 1694 in Prince George Co., MD.



      250.  John Cave (Source: (1) Stafford Co. Deed Book Z, p384 Darrell release to Cave recorded 8 Oct 1707., (2) The Register of Overwharton Parish" by George H. S. King.), born 1637; died Aft. 11 Sep 1717.  He was the son of 500. Samuel Cave and 501. Rachel Kellogg.  He married 251. Elizabeth Travers.

      251.  Elizabeth Travers, born Unknown; died Aft. 1717.  She was the daughter of 502. Giles Travers.

            Notes for John Cave:

Stafford Co. Deed Book Z, p384 Darrell release to Cave recorded 8 Oct 1707


John Cave of King and Queen Co., a carpenter of King and Queen County, buys from Sampson Darrell, of Glocester Co., 300 acres of land in Stafford Co. lying and being on the south side of Potomack Creek and bounded as follows: Northerly in Potomack Creek, Easterly with the lands of John Gorvey, Thomas Gregg, Wm. Waught, Southerly and westerly with the lands of Giles Travers; the said 300 acres of land being the one half of 600 acres sold by Capt. Wm Heaberd to Capt. John Norgrove by deed dated the 6th day of March 1667


From The Register of Overwharton Parish" by George H. S. King


"John Cave's will was dated August 6, 1714 and proved in 1721 at Stafford County Court; it was recorded in now lost Will Book "K", page 2. He devised 200 acres of land on Axton's Run and adjoining the property of John Gowry and Giles Travers to his son John Cave but he "died so that the above mentioned land fell and reverted to" David Cave of Orange County who was joined by his wife Sarah in conveying the said property to Keene Withers of Hamilton Parish, Prince William County, on September 12, 1748."


Keene Withers was the husband of Elizabeth Cave, only surviving child of William Cave dec'd. William may have been next in line after John Jr., to inherit John 's (d.1721) land so David passed it on to William Cave's next of kin.


Record 3: The following from the papers of Mrs. Dorothy Brown Thompson:


Deed of Lease and Release dated 12 & 13 Sept. 1748 from David Cave & Sarah, His wife of St. Thos. Parish, Orange ,to Cain Withers of Hamilton Parish, Prince William Co.-"Whereas John Cave of Stafford Co. dec'd. did by his last will and testament dated 6 Aug. 1714 give and bequeath to his son John Cave 200 acres of land lying and being in Stafford County in Overwharton Parish bounding upon Axton's Run and upon the lands of John Gore and upon the lands of Giles Travers and the sd John Cave, son of the testator John, died so that the above mentioned land fell and reverted to the said David Cave party to these presents"


Wit: John Hamilton, Charles Waller, Anthony Murray

Recorded Stafford Court 13 Sept. 1748...


Record 4: 1737/07/27 John Cave Stafford


John Cave sells 3 lots in Marlborough town, Stafford Co to John Mercer. This transaction is recorded in John Mercer's Land Book as follows: "This indenture made the twenty seventh day of July in the year of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred and thirty seven between John Cave of the county of Orange of the one part and John Mercer of the county of Stafford of the other part witnesseth that the said John Cave for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings sterling to him in hand paid by the said John Mercer the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath granted bargained and sold and by these present doth grant bargain and sell unto the said John Mercer all that and those three lots or half acres of land suitable lying and being in Marlboroughtown in the said county of Stafford known and distinguished in the platt and survey of the said town made by Theodorick Bland surveyor of the said county and recorded among the records of the said county by the numbers (8), (9) and (11) which were made over and conveyed by Matthew Thompson and John Withers gent. Feoffees of the said town to George Andrews grandfather of the said John Cave whose heir the said John Cave is. ...


In witness whereof the said John Cave hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day month and year first above written.


s/ John Cave

Sealed and delivered in presence of us.

The above mentioned five shillings sterling being first paid.

Thomas Staine    Rawleigh Chinn     William Cave     James Mercer


At Above held for Stafford County te 13th 7ber 1737 the within lease from John Cave to John Mercer was proved by the oathes of William Cave and Rawleigh Chinn two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and admitted to record.

Test. H. Taylor"


In addition to John Jr., William and David mentioned above as possible sons of John Cave and __?__Andrews, there were other contemporaries in Stafford, Spotsylvania and later Orange and Culpeper Counties who may also have been sons. There were Benjamin, Robert, Thomas and Joseph. David, Benjamin and Robert in particular were closely associated with one another in the public records between 1720 and 1750 and gave sons these names. For example, David named sons David, Benjamin, Robert, Joseph and probably John: Benjamin named sons Benjamin, John, William, and David: Robert named sons Robert, John and William.


In considering Benjamin who was to become Burgess from Orange County, as a son of John Cave, one must reject the once widely held premise that Benjamin was the immigrant ancestor. For many years a chart assembled by an English genealogist named Tyrrell was accepted as truth. This chart showed Benjamin as the immigrant son of Rev. William Cave of Windsor, chaplain to Charles II, and his wife Anna Stonehouse Cave. Rev. William Cave's will was cited in support . Mrs. Dorothy Brown Thompson, long time Cave family researcher , says in her papers: "In 1957, through the London Society of Genealogists, I succeeded [Dorothy Brown Thompson] in getting a photocopy of this will from the Perogative Court of Canterbury. The will mentions daughters, a grandson, a deceased son Ralph, but not any mention of Benjamin or any living son.The will is long, detailed, meticulous. It seems most unlikely that he would have omitted to mention a living son even if provided for, even if estranged. At any rate, he did not; so Tyrrell's reference was false. Benjamin' s deposition, 1758 shows he was born 1703, which further disproves this parentage: Anna (Stonehouse) Cave died 1691."


According to George H.S. King in a report to Mrs D. B. Thompson dated 18 April 1967, the deposition which establishes the birth year of Benjamin the Burgess is filed in the suit papers Crosthwait vs Crosthwait, Orange Co. VA Judgement File #17, Papers of June Court 1759. According to the report the deposition reads in part as follows: "Benjamin Cave Gent. Sworn & Examined in the suit Depending in the County Court of Orange between Abraham Crosthwait Plaintiff and William Crosthwait Defendant, in the presense and by Consent of the partis _ Deposeth and Saith, That he is about 55 years or thereabouts... That about the time of Timothy Crosthwait purchasing the land in question from Hezekiah Rhodes...


Benja, Cave

              More About John Cave:

Property: 23 Oct 1703, John Cave and John Eckolls, 600 acs., King and Queen Co., VA in St. Stephen's Parish; in the freshes of Mattapony River; beginning at Richards' and Cave land; to East side of Potabago Path;  23 Oct. 1703 (page 554)  Trans. of 12 pers.


Children of John Cave and Elizabeth Travers are:

       125         i.      Mary Cave, born Abt. 1655 in Carolina Co. VA; died Unknown in Amellia Co., VA; married John Echols 1688 in Essex County, Virginia.

                        ii.            John Cave

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