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A Journey Back In Time


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Hello My name is Linda Butler-Fisher.  Welcome to my GENEALOGY PAGE.  I live in Oklahoma and genealogy has been a passion for years.  

This page is in Memory of my mother, Iva Eddie Horn.  During the time my mother was so sick with cancer my genealogy research was a comfort to my spirit. As I found the records of our families left behind by long gone ancestors I discovered that although they were no longer with us they remain as long as we remember. 


I have research many  hours and have tried to be very  careful with my  facts, but as with all things written after the fact mistakes are made. 


For all of us whose lineage traces back long in this country, there are not one, but many stories of the reasons for the coming of our ancestors. Behind those stories are more than a few times pain, for pain it was that drove our ancestors more often than not from the places that were all they had known and all those who came before them had known. The stories are not the same. For some it was religion, for others escape from a debtor's prison, or a chance to have what a younger son could not have…for some it was as simple as an empty stomach. But almost all the stories have two common denominators: Pain brought them, and hope beckoned them.


Genealogy, by its nature, requires the use of pre-existing material. Proper use of the appropriate pre-existing material for purposes such as genealogy is not copyright infringement.


According to Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, “The primary objective of copyright is not to reward the labor of authors, but  to promote the Progress of Science and Useful Arts.’” Authors are assured, by copyright, to the right to use and copy their original expression. However, Copyright is also intended to encourage others to build freely upon the ideas and information found in other works. This principle applies to all works of authorship.


In most fields of research, whether it be academic, commercial, or hobby, the growth of knowledge is very dependent upon the efforts of other researchers. This very much includes genealogy.


Authors, under the current statute, have exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, and most other uses of their original works. However, if copyright law were simply a set of rights for authors, their permission would be required before every use, even copying passages by hand. This is not the case. The copyright law, in s103, makes it clear that copyright is not a tool by which an author may keep others from using the facts or data he or she has collected.


The limits of fair use are not well defined, intentionally left so by Congress. Fair use is very applicable to scholarship and research, both of which are very important attributes of genealogy.

Fair use is a privilege that is also a source of confusion. The statute is ambiguous, fair use depending on each case's circumstances. Four factors are considered:

         Purpose of the use, including non-profit educational use

         Nature of the copyrighted work

         Amount of copying

         Effect of the copying on the potential market for, or value of, the original work

Most universities and libraries have fair use policies for activities such as copying materials for research or for classes. Few guidelines exist for use of materials in publications that are "scholarly" in nature. Legal challenges to the fair use of materials in such works is not often seen in court. The costs of litigation and attorney fees make that prohibitive.


I said all that because this material has been copied from many sources, many are listed, however much of the information was gathered, here a little, there a little, from hundreds of places, making it impossible for me to list them all. Take what you wish but prove for yourself what you may fine here!


These pages contain some of the royal persons and noble families from which we descend. It might be said that if we were to get a nose bleed we would lose all our royal or noble blood.


When doing our genealogy research, I did not intentionally look for 'royal' connections. I came upon ours doing what we all do...going back to the previous generation, one after the other, in a particular line.. It's said there are millions of descendants around the world of Edward III of England. Remember too, that just because I found our royal links,  I won't get  invited for tea at the palace!


Royals and nobility of the past are fairly well documented, some more so than others.


Sources for this kind of search are many; from encyclopedias like Brittanica to the Official website of the British Monarchy or Genuki, Kings & Queens of England and Scotland as well as Burke's Peerage.


I have had fun looking into our family's past at Knights, Barons, Dukes and Earls with their Kings, Queens and assorted others, Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs!




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My mother Iva HORN-Horton and me Linda Butler-Fisher


Taken in 1999


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