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A Journey Back In Time

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Ancestors of Louis Alford "Lute" Horn



Generation No. 1-10


      1.  Louis Alford "Lute" Horn (Source: (1) 1870 Census Whitfield Co., GA., (2) Death Record Fillmore, CA., (3) June 1900 Census  Ripley Co., MO., (4) 1850 Census  Burke Co. GA., (5) 1850 Census Murrary Co. GA, Year: 1850   State: Georgia   County: Murray   Sheet No: 244BReel No: M432-78   Division: District 63   Page No: 195Enumerated on: November 4th, 1850   by: Absalom Holcombe   Transcribed by Michael Robert Babb for USGenWeb,., (6) 1930 United States Federal Census, Name:    Louis A Horn Age:    79 Estimated birth year:    abt 1851  Birthplace:    Georgia  Relation to head-of-house:    Head  Spouse's Name:    Louella R Horn Race:    White  Home in 1930:    Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California Image source:    Year: 1930; Census Place: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California; Roll: 163; Page:  ; Enumeration District: 719; Image: 824.0. .), born 14 Sep 1850 in Murray Co., Ga (Source: 1850 Census  Murray Co. GA.); died 12 Aug 1933 in Filmore, CA.  He was the son of 2. James Horn and 3. Mary Polly White.  He married (1) Mary Gitchell (Source: 1860 United States Federal Census, Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia Gender:    Female  Value of real estate:    View image Post Office:    Dalton Roll:    M653_141 Page:    571 Year:    1860 Head of Household:    William Naill .) 12 Jan 1870 in Whitfield Co., GA (Source: Marriage License Whitfield Co. GA , BOOK B-1 Page 159, signed C.R. McAlister J.P.).  She was born 10 Oct 1855 in Murray Co., GA, and died 1902 in Doniphan, MO.  She was the daughter of John W. Gitchel and Sarah Neal.


Notes for Louis Alford "Lute" Horn:

My mother Iva Horn Horton always said that her Grandfather's name was Louis Alford Horn but was called Lute.  I could find nothing to prove that until the listing of the 1870 census in Whitfield, GA.

The reason she remembered this fact so clearly was that her brother Louis Alford Horn had her Grandfather's full name.


At some time between 1891 and 1900 the Horn family moved from Whitfield, GA.


1850 census


22 |  1342  1342 | Horn            James           |     37 M   | Farmer                              | North Carolina     |     X   | J520 |

   23 |  1342  1342 | Horn            Mary            |     35 F   |                                     | North Carolina     |     X   | M600 |

   24 |  1342  1342 | Horn            Nancy           |     11 F   |                                     | North Carolina     |         | N520 |

   25 |  1342  1342 | Horn            Jackson         |      9 M   |                                     | North Carolina     |         | J225 |

   26 |  1342  1342 | Horn            Peter           |      7 M   |                                     | Tennessee          |         | P360 |

   27 |  1342  1342 | Horn            Elizabeth       |      4 F   |                                     | Tennessee          |         | E421 |

   28 |  1342  1342 | Horn            James           |      3 M   |                                     | Georgia            |         | J520 |

   29 |  1342  1342 | Horn            Lewis           |   4/12 M   |                                     | Georgia            |         | L200 |



More About Louis Alford "Lute" Horn:

Burial: Filmore, CA

Census: Jun 1900, Ripley Co, MO Lute is listed with wife Mary


More About Mary Gitchell:

Burial: Antioch Cemetery Oxly, MO she is burried next to her sister Clarinda Gitchell Autry and her sisters husband William Marion Autry

Census: 1870, Whitfield, GA


More About Louis Horn and Mary Gitchell:

Marriage 1: 12 Jan 1870, Whitfield Co., GA (Source: Marriage License Whitfield Co. GA , BOOK B-1 Page 159, signed C.R. McAlister J.P.)

Marriage 2: C. R. McAllister J.P.  Performed The ceremony


Generation No. 2


      2.  James Horn (Source: (1) 1870 Census Varnett Station. Whitfield Co., GA., (2) 1850 Census  Murray Co. GA, Name:    Lewis Horn Age:    4.12 Estimated birth year:    abt 1846 Birth place:    Georgia Gender:    Male Home in 1850(City,County,State):    Not Stated, Murray, Georgia Page:    245 Roll:    M432_78 ., (3) 1880 Census  Whitfield Co., GA., (4) 1900 Census Whitfield Co. GA vol. 73 ED 03 sheert 14 line 39, 629 Lowell North.), born 14 Dec 1818 in NC; died Aft. 1900 in GA.  He was the son of 4. Richard Cannon Horn and 5. Clarissa Holderfield.  He married 3. Mary Polly White Bef. 1836 in NC.

      3.  Mary Polly White, born May 1816 in NC; died Aft. 1900 in GA.  She was the daughter of 6. John White and 7. Mary Cash.


Notes for James Horn:

From the genealogy records of Esther Horn, deceased.  She was the GGG-Grandaughter of Nancy Adeline Horn.


"Nancy Horn's Daddy was, James Horne age 55 at this time. December 14, 1863, a farmer born in North Carolina.  Present Militia,  This means a person enrolled and trained but not called to active duty unless an emergency arises,  Citizen Soldiery.



Name:    James Horn

Age:    37

Estimated birth year:    abt 1813

Birth place:    North Carolina

Gender:    Male

Home in 1850

(City,County,State):    Not Stated, Murray, Georgia

Page:    245

Roll:    M432_78





More About James Horn and Mary White:

Marriage: Bef. 1836, NC


Children of James Horn and Mary White are:

       1             i.      Louis Alford "Lute" Horn, born 14 Sep 1850 in Murray Co., Ga; died 12 Aug 1933 in Filmore, CA; married Mary Gitchell 12 Jan 1870 in Whitfield Co., GA.

                     ii.      Peter McFall Horn (Source: 1900 Missouri Census, Ripley Co., Varner Township.), born Jan 1843 in TN (Source: (1) 1870 Census Varnett Station. Whitfield Co., GA., (2) 1850 Murray Co. GA Census.); died 1928 in Coweta, OK; married Elizabeth Bettie Brown 11 Jan 1872 in Whitfield, GA; born Abt. 1847 in GA; died 1911 in Mo..


Notes for Peter McFall Horn:

1900 Ripley Co. MO. census notes they had 7 children with 6 living.  I have only 4.


More About Peter Horn and Elizabeth Brown:

Marriage: 11 Jan 1872, Whitfield, GA


                    iii.      Jackson Horn (Source: 1850 Census  Murray Co. GA.), born 1841 in NC; died Unknown.

                    iv.      Nancy Adeline Horn, born 15 Oct 1840 in NC; died 12 Feb 1912 in GA.


More About Nancy Adeline Horn:

Burial: Boyd Cemetery around what was Beverdale, GA (Edgar, GA)

Census Whitfield Co., GA: 1900, Nancy Adeline is listed lliving with her parents and that she is age 60


                     v.      Elizabeth Betsy Horn, born 1846; died 1908; married (1) Unknown Garrett Bef. 1862 in GA; married (2) John T. Brown 12 Oct 1874; born 1848; died 1895.


More About Elizabeth Betsy Horn:

Burial: Boyds Cemetery Beaverdale, GA


More About John T. Brown:

Burial: Boyds Cemetery Beaverdale, GA


More About John Brown and Elizabeth Horn:

Marriage: 12 Oct 1874


                    vi.      James Hamilton Horn, born 1847 in Ga; died 23 Apr 1906 in Mo; married Leona Catherine Hooker 15 Oct 1874 in Whitfield, GA; born 15 Aug 1852 in unk; died 07 Sep 1902 in Ripley Co. MO.


More About James Horn and Leona Hooker:

Marriage: 15 Oct 1874, Whitfield, GA


                   vii.      Jane Horn, born 1853; died Unknown; married John Ducan 13 Aug 1874; born Unknown; died Unknown.


More About John Ducan and Jane Horn:

Marriage: 13 Aug 1874


                  viii.      Darcus Horn, born 1856; died Unknown; married Preston D. Longley 21 Sep 1876; born Unknown; died Unknown.


More About Darcus Horn:

Burial: Plemons Cemetery, Apison. TN between Cleveland and Chattanooga, TN


More About Preston Longley and Darcus Horn:

Marriage: 21 Sep 1876


                    ix.      Franklin Horn, born 1860; died Unknown.

                     x.      William Horn, born 1862; died Unknown.

                    xi.      John Horn, born 1868; died Unknown; married Anne Holloway 30 Oct 1888 in Whitfield, GA; born Unknown; died Unknown.


More About John Horn and Anne Holloway:

Marriage: 30 Oct 1888, Whitfield, GA



Generation No. 3


      4.  Richard Cannon Horn (Source: War of 1812 Service RecordsIndex to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812 M602, 234 rolls. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration.), born 12 Feb 1791 in Wake Co., NC; died 21 Jun 1870 in Sumner Co., TN.  He was the son of 8. Howell Horn and 9. Patsy Cannon.  He married 5. Clarissa Holderfield Bef. 1811.

      5.  Clarissa Holderfield, born Abt. 1894 in NC; died Unknown.


Notes for Richard Cannon Horn:

War of 1812 Service RecordsIndex to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812 M602, 234 rolls. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration





Rank - Induction:    PRIVATE 

Rank - Discharge:    PRIVATE 

Roll Box:    103 

Roll Exct:    602 




More About Richard Horn and Clarissa Holderfield:

Marriage: Bef. 1811


Children of Richard Horn and Clarissa Holderfield are:

       2             i.      James Horn, born 14 Dec 1818 in NC; died Aft. 1900 in GA; married Mary Polly White Bef. 1836 in NC.

                     ii.      Besty Horn, born Unknown.

                    iii.      Nancy Emeline Horn, born Abt. 1830 in Wilson Co., TN; died Unknown; married Henry Davis Reed 24 Sep 1850 in Wilson Co., TN; born Unknown; died Unknown.


More About Henry Reed and Nancy Horn:

Marriage: 24 Sep 1850, Wilson Co., TN


                    iv.      Eliza Jane Horn, born Abt. 1828 in Wilson Co., TN; died Unknown; married Thomas J. Maple; born Unknown; died Unknown.

                     v.      Pasty Horn, born Unknown.

                    vi.      Polly Horn, born Unknown.

                   vii.      Richard H. Horn, born Abt. 1834 in Williamson Co., IL; died Unknown.

                  viii.      Sarah Jane Horn, born Unknown.

                    ix.      William Henderson Horn, born 10 Dec 1815 in NC; died 01 May 1887 in TX; married Elizabeth Carruth 03 Mar 1839; born 18 May 1815 in Wilson Co., TN; died 26 Jul 1918 in TX.


More About William Henderson Horn:

Burial: Horn Cemetery NW of Mckinney, Collin Co., TX


More About William Horn and Elizabeth Carruth:

Marriage: 03 Mar 1839


                     x.      Clarissa Horn, born Unknown; died Unknown; married John Robertson 24 Oct 1843 in Wilson Co., TN; born Unknown; died Unknown.


More About John Robertson and Clarissa Horn:

Marriage: 24 Oct 1843, Wilson Co., TN



      6.  John White, born 1798 in NC.  He married 7. Mary Cash.

      7.  Mary Cash, born in SC.


Children of John White and Mary Cash are:

       3             i.      Mary Polly White, born May 1816 in NC; died Aft. 1900 in GA; married James Horn Bef. 1836 in NC.

                     ii.      Amanda M White, born 1832 in Alabama (Source: 1870 Census Varnell Station. Whitfield Co., GA, pg 174.); married McFalls Leadford Aug 1849 in Murray, Georgia; born 1809 in NC.


More About McFalls Leadford and Amanda White:

Marriage: Aug 1849, Murray, Georgia


                    iii.      Verlin White, married Amanda Ledford; died 1866.



Generation No. 4


      8.  Howell Horn (Source: (1) 1820 Wilson Co., TN Census., (2) Muster Rolls for the Soldiers of the War of 1812.), born Bef. 1775 in NC; died in Greenville, NC.  He was the son of 16. Richard Horn and 17. Sarah Lee.  He married 9. Patsy Cannon Bef. 1790 in Greenville, NC.

      9.  Patsy Cannon, born Unknown; died Unknown.


More About Howell Horn:

Census: 1820, Wilson Co., TN

Military service: 1812, Muster Rolls for the soldiers of the War of 1812 detached from the Militia of North Carolina lists Howell Horn with the 7th Regiment 3rd. Company detached from the 3rd. Rowan Regiment


More About Howell Horn and Patsy Cannon:

Marriage: Bef. 1790, Greenville, NC


Children of Howell Horn and Patsy Cannon are:

       4             i.      Richard Cannon Horn, born 12 Feb 1791 in Wake Co., NC; died 21 Jun 1870 in Sumner Co., TN; married Clarissa Holderfield Bef. 1811.

                     ii.      William Horn, born Aft. 1790 in NC; died 26 Jan 1851 in Wilson Co., TN; married Celia Woolard 27 Jan 1821 in Wilson Co., TN; born Abt. 1801 in NC; died 30 Sep 1876 in Saline Co., IL.


More About Celia Woolard:

Burial: Ward Cemetery, Bushy Township


More About William Horn and Celia Woolard:

Marriage: 27 Jan 1821, Wilson Co., TN


                    iii.      James Horn, born Unknown.

                    iv.      Howell Horn JR., born Unknown; married Rebecca Stone 22 Jun 1819 in Wilson Co., TN; born Unknown.


More About Howell JR. and Rebecca Stone:

Marriage: 22 Jun 1819, Wilson Co., TN


                     v.      Cannon Horn, born Unknown.

                    vi.      Besty Horn, born Unknown; married Jacob Holderfield; born Unknown.

                   vii.      Polly Horn, born Unknown.

                  viii.      Sarah Horn, born Abt. 1792 in Wake Co., NC; died 16 Apr 1874 in Wilson Co., TN; married Elihu Joplin 21 Jun 1805 in Wake Co., NC; born Unknown; died Unknown.


More About Elihu Joplin and Sarah Horn:

Marriage: 21 Jun 1805, Wake Co., NC


                    ix.      Henry Horn, born 1794; died Unknown; married Elizabeth Brien 06 Dec 1817 in Wilson Co., TN.


Notes for Henry Horn:

The facts recorded here about the family of Henry were sent to me by Alva Jewell Chandler Kennedy in 1999.


More About Henry Horn and Elizabeth Brien:

Marriage: 06 Dec 1817, Wilson Co., TN


                     x.      Charles Horn, born Bef. 1794; died Unknown; married Rachel Swindle 23 Jul 1819 in Wilson Co., TN; born Unknown; died Unknown.


More About Charles Horn and Rachel Swindle:

Marriage: 23 Jul 1819, Wilson Co., TN


                    xi.      John Thomas Horn, born 1797 in NC; died 1853; married Louisa Woolard 30 Mar 1819 in Wilson Co., TN; born 1805 in NC; died Unknown.


More About John Horn and Louisa Woolard:

Marriage: 30 Mar 1819, Wilson Co., TN



Generation No. 5


      16.  Richard Horn (Source: (1) Chowan Co., NC Deed Book 1, 352., (2) Bertie Co., NC Deed Book 51., (3) Edgecoombe Deed Book 2, 137., (4) Edgecombe Deed Book 4, 184., (5) Edgecombe  Deed Book 5, 467 and 469., (6) Edgecombe Deed Book 6, 335., (7) Abstracts of Wills, 1758 through 1824, Halifax Co., NC by Margaret M.Hofmann, Will Book 3 page 41.), born Bef. 1716; died 1783 in Halifax Co., NC.  He married 17. Sarah Lee Unknown.

      17.  Sarah Lee, born 1732 in Northampton, NC; died Unknown.  She was the daughter of 34. Richard Lee.


Notes for Richard Horn:


(Chowan Co., N. C. DB 1:352) THOMAS KIRBY SR. of Chowan Prect. with the consent of ESTER my wife to RICHARD HORN (residence not given) 14 July 1716 consideration (not given) 120 acres at the mouth of Poplar

r Neck branch at ye upper bounds of HENRY WHEELER'S Land, joining the old Mill Path, the head of a branch and Turkey Creek part of 1200 acres granted to me 9 Jan. 1712/13


(Bertie Co., N. C. DB D:51) RICHARD HORN (HORNE) of Edgecombe Precinct TO JOHN TAYLOR March 4, 1734. 40 pds. for 300 A. In Pottycasey Woods \\

adj. THOMAS HORN"part of Patent of land dated 1668. \



(Edgecombe Deed Book 2, pg. 137) RICHARD HORNE of Edge. Co. to MARGARET TAYLOR of Edge. Co. 27 Oct. 1754 30 pounds 16 shillings 8 pence Va. money 100 acres on Tosnote swamp, whereon the sd. HORN\

doth live, joining the swamp as by patent to JOHN TAYLOR 11 Apr. 1745 Wit: DUNCAN LAMON, SAMUEL WILLIAMS Reg. Edge. Co., Nov. Ct. 1754 B. Wynns C. Ct (((Margaret was the daughter of William Horn of Nansemond wife of John Taylor))))


(Edgecombe Deed Book 4, pg. 184) JOHN TAYLOR of Edge.. to RICHARD HORN\

of Edge. Co. date (not given) 20 pounds current money of Va. 100 acres on the north side of Tosniot swamp part of a patent to the sd. TAYLOR 11 Apr 1745 Wit: THOMAS HORN, WILLIAM HORN


(Edgecombe Deed Book 5, pg. 467) RICHARD HORN of Edge. Co to EDWARD FLOWERS of Edge. C0

. 12 Feb. 1745 10 pounds sterling money of England 200 acres on the south side of Tarr river, joining the river and the sd. RICHARD Wit: ISAAC RICKS, HENRY FLOWERS Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1745 Robert Forster C. Ct.


(Edgecombe Deed Book 5, pg. 469) RICHARD HORN, JR . of Edge. \

. to THOMAS BARNS of Edge. Co. 20 May 1745 30 pounds current money 200 acres, joining the river and EDWARD FLOWERS Wit: R. RICHARDS, JOHN FLOWERS X his mark, JOHN SECILE (?) Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1745 Robert Forster C. Ct.


Edgecombe Deed Book 6, pg. 335) RICHARD HORNE of Edge. Co. to PHILLIP THOMAS of Edge. Co. 11 Sept. 1756 39 pounds current money of Va. 200 acres more or less on the south

side of Tar river and the going over of the creek, joining POLLOCK Wit: DUNCAN LAMON , NATHAN HORN X his mark Reg. Edge. Co. Sept. Ct. 1758 Joseph Montfort C


Abstracts of Wills, 1758 through 1824, Halifax County, North Carolina by Margaret M. Hofmann. (The Roanoke News Company, Weldon, North Carolina)(Halifax Co., N. C. WB 3:41) March 11, 1779 - May Court 1783. Will of Richard Horn.Wife: Sarah Horn to enjoy Plantation etc. son Howell Horn and James Horn, horse each son Henry Horn horse and my Plantation at wife's death daughters Rhoda Horn and Patience Horn 1 bed each daugh-ter Hannah Write (?) moneyWit.: John Daffin, William Pryor, Martha (X) PryorExtrs.: son Henry and my wife Sarah



pg.280 RICHARD HORNE,SR. of Edgecombe Co. to THOMAS HORNE of Northampton Co. 3 May 1746 for the love, good will and affection which I have and do bear unto my well beloved son THOMAS 640 acres of all my plantation on the north side of Potacasie creek and the west side of Patty's Delight, joining a posocin  Wit: RICHARD HORNE, JOHN TAYLOR T his mark, THOMAS HORNE Reg Northampton ,Co. Nov. Ct. 1746 John Hooker D.C.Ct.



 Richard Horne, is well documented in upper eastern North Carolina as early as 1716, where he owned 120 acres on Turkey Creek, near the Meherrin River,  near the site of present-day Murfreesboro, NC.  He then relocated a few miles to the southwest, having obtained 640 acres "west of Paddy's Delight (creek)" in 1723, land now in Northampton County, NC.



    Although it appears that this Richard Horne died intestate, deeds and other records indicate that he had numerous descendants in upper eastern North Carolina, inhabiting the same general area as did the descendants of William Horn of Nansemond.   Because of their proximity and the use of similar given names, uncertainty and differences of opinion have arisen among the students of these families, as to the lineage of a number of individuals. 


     In studying the records pertaining to these families I have gained the impression that several individuals who have been commonly regarded as descendants of William of Nansemond are, on the other hand, quite likely to be from the line of the Richard Horne.  The accompanying information on the descendants of Richard Horne of Northampton county, NC is presented,  not as established fact, but as a hypothetical consideration,  in the hope that it may stimulate discussion and possible clarification of our understanding of the descendants of the two early American pioneers. 


The material regarding Richard Horne is divided into two areas.  A shorter section, contains basic and comparatively well established information on Richard of Northampton and his son, Thomas.    A greatly expanded discussion is frankly speculative and designed as a basis for study and argument by those particularly interested in furthering our understanding of these families. 


  Other Horn Families of the time &place


    A few other Horn(e)s are known to have been present in Virginia, some as early as 1623, when a Henry Horn and a Richard "Horun"  are listed among the several citizens living across the James River from Jamestown (then only 16 years after its founding).  The fate of these two is unknown, but it seems likely that one or both of them may have been ancestors of one or more of the several Horn lines that appear in Virginia, along with those of William of Nansemond and Richard of Northampton.  A brief summary of some of the other early Horn families in Virginia is attached. (Antecedents and Peers)


  To the best of my knowledge, there is no reliable information, but only speculation, as to who might be the parents of Richard Horne of Northampton County, NC., William and Henry Horn.


 On the other hand, fragmentary information about a number of other Horn's, present in the colonies prior to the time of Richard, William and Henry Horn(e) is available, the earliest of which I am aware having been documented in the listing of the citizens living in Jamestown and surrounding areas in 1623. In the "Lists of the Livinge & the Dead in Virginia, February 16, 1623" both a Henry Horn and a Richard Horun (sic) are listed as living on the Surry side of the James River. No further documentation of these two men is available. (This information, now widely available, was first provided to me by Gwen B. Horne and discussed in interesting detail in her contribution to the Ray Horn book.)


 It is, of course, tempting to speculate that these two Horn's, Richard and Henry, known to be and documented in the Jamestown VA area in 1623, are our progenitors, but I believe at this remote stage, there is little likelihood of determining how these or other Horn's unknown are related to the several other very early Horn's of which we have some documentation. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that other Horn families are documented in Virginia in the 1600’s, affording at least a potential genealogical link between Richard and Henry Horn of Jamestown, Virginia and the three Horn families who entered North Carolina in the early 1700’s.


 About 25 years after the Jamestown census of 1623, a Thomas Horne appeared in Norfolk County, VA, before 1650, where he married Johanna Yates and purchased land from her brother, Richard Yates in 1649. This Thomas Horne is apparently of the age to potentially be a son of either Richard or Henry of 1623 Jamestown, but there is no evidence known to me to support this hypothetical relationship.



Richard, William, and Henry Horn(e) enter North Carolina


The first three Horn families that moved into eastern North Carolina from adjacent Virginia in the early 1700's included Richard Horne and his wife, Sarah, William Horn and wife, Margaret, and Henry Horne and wife Elizabeth. These men were of similar age, and it appears likely, but unproven, that they were brothers.


It is well documented that William lived and owned property in Nansemond County, VA, prior to moving south to North Carolina. The Thomas Horn who purchased 300 acres on Western Branch of the Elizabeth River in Norfolk County in 1665 is possibly the father of one or more of these three men, but no evidence to support that possibility is known.


Richard and Sarah entered North Carolina first, and from 1716 to 1724 they owned property and lived on Turkey Creek, west of the Meherrin River, near the present town of Murfreesboro. In 1723 they obtained a patent for 640 acres, a few miles to the southwest, and they relocated to this tract north of Potecasi Creek and west of Paddy's Delight (creek), retaining this property until 1746.


In 1729 Henry Horne and his wife Elizabeth purchased 290 acres at the head of the Cashie River, north of the present town of Lewiston, where they apparently lived until Henry's death in 1761. (The Cashie River property appears to have been in Bertie County, then and now; Henry's will is an Edgecombe County document, and it appears that Henry may have also had Edgecomb property, since he and his wife and children witnessed Edgecomb County deeds to property on Fishing Creek and Sappony Swamp in the 1750's).


 In 1730 William Horn and his wife Margaret purchased property on Ahoskey Pocoson, just south of Rich Square, in 1730 and 1737 and lived there until 1743, located between and just a few miles from the properties owned by Richard Horne and Henry Horne.


Thus, by 1730 all three of these families had relocated to North Carolina and all were living within 10 to 20 miles of each other.


There is fragmentary evidence suggesting that other Horn men, contemporaries of the above three were present in the area at this time, men who may well be related to the three better known Horn listed above.


A Michael Horne is named as a witness to three Bertie County deeds dated 1729, and Henry Horne is also named in all three. A Michael Horn also witnesses two deeds in which William Horn and wife Margaret sell Nansemond County property at about the time they are about to relocate into NC. William and Margaret's son named David Michael is said to have been born about 1721, thus disqualifying this Michael as the witness to the documents cited. Perhaps this earlier Michael was a brother or cousin to William and/or Henry. Nothing further is known about this person.


Henry Horn's 1761 will refers to a brother, Moses, as executor of his will. This Moses Horn is clearly not Moses Horn, the son of William, nor is he Moses Horn, the grandson of Richard Horne. No other documentation of Henry's brother Moses is known to me.


The fact that three large Horn families, living near each other, each with several sons, frequently used the same given names has sometimes led to great difficulty in differentiating the lineage of various individuals. The particular frequent use of the names Thomas, Henry, and William has been problematical.


Another well documented Horn line from that area of Virginia appears to descend from a James Horn (1720-1793) of Sussex County VA, seemingly one generation younger than Richard the First and his hypothetical brother, William of Nansemond. James' relation to William and Richard, if any, is unknown to me. From this James of Sussex line, his grandson, Frederick Horn (1771-1849) appeared in the Nashville, TN area and a number of his descendants are recorded in the middle Tennessee area. One fairly well known Tennessean from this line was a 20th century writer of a number of historical works, Stanley F. Horn. A nicely detailed description of this Horn line is in Broderbund World Family Tree, CD #5, pedigree #1407. I have made no attempt to incorporate the descendants of this James Horn into the present treatise.


Edgecombe Co. Deed Book OO

March court 1759-Dec. court 1761

page 12

DB 00-5

SAMUEL LEE and ELIZABETH (X) LEE to RICHARD HORN, Nov. 28, 1758 for L40 a tract of 640 acres on the south bank of Town Creek.

Witnesses: Arthur LEE

Richard (X) LEE




Surry Co NC was established eff. 01 Apr 1771 from Rowan Co NC . In 1777, Wilkes was created, and in 1789, when Stokes was created from Surry, the courthouse was temporarily at the house of Richard HORN. In 1790, Rockford was established. In 1792, Wilkes ceded land along the northern half of its eastern border back to Surry. In 1796, Surry regained land from Stokes Co. In 1850/1, Yadkin County was formed from Surry, and in 1869, Alleghany (org. from Wilkes>Ashe in 1859) gained additional land from Surry.




More About Richard Horn and Sarah Lee:

Marriage: Unknown


Children of Richard Horn and Sarah Lee are:

       8             i.      Howell Horn, born Bef. 1775 in NC; died in Greenville, NC; married Patsy Cannon Bef. 1790 in Greenville, NC.

                     ii.      James Horn, born Unknown.

                    iii.      Henry Horn, born Unknown.

                    iv.      Ronda Horn, born Unknown.

                     v.      Patience Horn, born Unknown.

                    vi.      Hannah Horn (Source: Abstract of Wills and Estate Records of Granville Co., NC 1746-1809 by Zaw Hargett Gwynn, Will Book 2, Page 281, 282, 283, 284.), born Unknown; died Abt. 1792 in Grandville, NC; married (1) James Judge; married (2) Winfield Wright.


Notes for Hannah Horn:

Abstracts of the Wills and Estate Records of Granville County, North Carolina, 1746-1808. Zae Hargett Gwynn (Published by Joseph W. Watson, Rocky Mount, N. C., 1973)(Granville Co., N. C. WB 2:281,282) February Court 1792- Inventory of estate of Hannah Wright, deceased, by James Judge, executor.(Granville Co., N. C. WB 2:283,284) October, 1791- proved February Court 1792- Hannah Wright wills to son James Judge a feather bed and furniture, a table and chest; to daughter Rebecca Mann, a young mare; to son Israel Judge, a half my corn; to Thomas Thorinto, clothes, tobacco and other half of corn; to Howel Horn, a horse, cow and calf; to two daughters of Israel Judge, 11 cattle to be divided between Hannah and Rebecca Judge, to James Judge and Rebecca Mann, household and kitchen furniture household and kitchen furniture divided between them. Executors: son James Judge and James BlackwellWits: James Blackwell, Howel Horn




                   vii.      Thomas Horn, born Unknown.

                  viii.      Richard Horn Jr., born Unknown.



Generation No. 6


      34.  Richard Lee, born 1710 in Bath, Northampton, NC.  He was the son of 68. James Leigh and 69. Mary.


Notes for Richard Lee:

Will of Richard Lee 4 April 1756 - May Court 1756 Sons: Timothy 100 acres of land on "Contenteny Creek", Arthur, Richard, Solomon the plantation which I now live on. Daughters: Elisabeth Lee, Rachel Bradley, Sarrah Horn, Martha Lee. Witnesses: Absalom Holliman, William Foxes, James Permenter. Clerk of the Court: Jos. Montfort. Stock mark of the testator is described as being swallow fork in the right ear and a crop and half Crop in ye Left Ear.


Descendants of Richard Lee

1 Richard Lee b: 1707 in Bath, Northampton , NC .....

     2 Elisabeth Lee b: 1730 in Nothampton , NC .....

     2 Sarrah Lee b: 1732 ......... +Richard Horn d: Bet. 1779 - 1783 in Halifax Co. NC .............

      3 James Horn .............

      3 Henry Horn .............

      3 Rhoda Horn .............

      3 Patience Horn .............

      3 Hannah Horn d: Abt. 1792 in Granville Co. NC                      ................. +James Judge ............. *2nd                      Husband of Hannah Horn: .................                       +Winfield Wright .............

      3 Howell Horn b: Bef. 1775 d: in NC .................                     +Patsy Cannon m: 1790 in Greenville , NC d:                      in NC ..... 

     2 Arthur Lee b: 1734 in Nothampton , NC .....

     2 Richard Lee b: 1737 in Northampton, NC .....

     2 Timothy Lee b: 1738 in Northampton, NC .....

     2 Solomon Lee b: 1740 in Northampton, NC .....

     2 Rachel Lee b: 1744 in Nothampton , NC .........         +Bradley .....

     2 Martha Lee b: 1744 in Northampton, NC




Children of Richard Lee are:

       17           i.      Sarah Lee, born 1732 in Northampton, NC; died Unknown; married Richard Horn Unknown.

                     ii.      Elizabeth Lee, born 1730 in Northampton, Area, NC.

                    iii.      Arthur Lee, born 1734 in Northampton, Area, NC.

                    iv.      Richard Lee, born 1737 in Northampton, Area, NC.

                     v.      Timothy Lee, born 1738 in Northampton, Area, NC.

                    vi.      Solomon Lee, born 1740 in Northampton, Area, NC.

                   vii.      Martha Lee, born 1742 in Northampton, Area, NC.

                  viii.      Rachel Lee, born 1744.



Generation No. 7


      68.  James Leigh, born 1671 in Warwick, VA; died 1738 in Washington, Beaufort, NC.  He was the son of 136. John Leigh.  He married 69. Mary 1698 in Warwick, VA.

      69.  Mary, born 1670 in Edgecombe, VA; died 1738.


More About James Leigh and Mary:

Marriage: 1698, Warwick, VA


Children of James Leigh and Mary are:

       34           i.      Richard Lee, born 1710 in Bath, Northampton, NC.

                     ii.      Peter Lee, born 1698 in Beaufort, NC.

                    iii.      John Lee, born 1704 in Beaufort, NC.

                    iv.      Levi Lee, born 1705 in Beaufort, NC.

                     v.      Joshua Leigh, born 1706 in NC.

                    vi.      Godfrey Lee, born 1707 in NC.

                   vii.      Mary Lee, born 1708 in Edgecombe, NC.

                  viii.      William Lee, born 1714 in NC.



Generation No. 8


      136.  John Leigh, born 1620 in York, VA.  He was the son of 272. Henry Lee Leigh and 273. Marah Atkins.


Children of John Leigh are:

       68           i.      James Leigh, born 1671 in Warwick, VA; died 1738 in Washington, Beaufort, NC; married Mary 1698 in Warwick, VA.

                     ii.      William Leigh, born 1646 in Warwick, VA.

                    iii.      Frances Leigh, born 1650 in Warwick, VA.

                    iv.      Thomas leigh Lee, born 1652 in Warwick, VA.



Generation No. 9


      272.  Henry Lee Leigh, born 22 May 1597 in Oswestry Pr, Morton Regis, Shropshire, England; died 1657 in York, VA.  He was the son of 544. Thomas Lee Leigh and 545. Elnor Ris.  He married 273. Marah Atkins.

      273.  Marah Atkins, born 1600 in Oswestry Pr, Morton Regis, Shropshire, England.


Children of Henry Leigh and Marah Atkins are:

       136         i.      John Leigh, born 1620 in York, VA.

                     ii.      Henry Lee, born 1618 in Morton Regis, Shropshire England.

                    iii.      Ann Leigh, born 1629.

                    iv.      Mary Lee, born 1647.



Generation No. 10


      544.  Thomas Lee Leigh, born 1535 in Shropshire, England; died 1623 in Shropshire, England.  He was the son of 1088. Humphrey De Lee and 1089. Katherine Blount.  He married 545. Elnor Ris.

      545.  Elnor Ris, born 1570 in England.


Children of Thomas Leigh and Elnor Ris are:

       272         i.      Henry Lee Leigh, born 22 May 1597 in Oswestry Pr, Morton Regis, Shropshire, England; died 1657 in York, VA; married Marah Atkins.

                     ii.      George Lea

                    iii.      William Leigh, born 1589 in Oswestry, Morton Regis, Shropshire, England.

                        iv.            Richard Lee Leigh, born 19 Jan 1608 in Oswestry Pr, Morton Regis, Shropshire, England.

L.A. Horns Headstone Filmore, CA
b. 14 September 1850 d. 12 August 1933

"Here's to all them that we LOVE
Here's to all them that LOVE us.
And here's to all them that LOVE those that LOVE them
LOVE those that LOVE them that LOVE us."