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Swan Pond, Roane County, TN




Generation No. 4


      8.  Henrich Huffstetler, born 21 Sep 1771 in Frederick, Maryland; died 20 Jun 1840 in Knox Co. TN.  He was the son of 16. Johann Adam Hochstattler and 17. Lousia Fredericka Loewenstein.


Notes for Henrich Huffstetler:

Henry lived in Lincoln County, NC, and York County, SC, before moving to Knox County, TN.  Henry was probably married in SC but the name of his wife is unknown.


More About Henrich Huffstetler:

Change #2: Hufstutler

Change#1: Name changed to Henry Hufstedler  in Tennessee

Religion: Evangelical Lutheran Church

Residence: Vicinity of Knoxvill, TN


Children of Henrich Huffstetler are:

       4             i.      Jacob Flemming Hufstutler, born Abt. 1790 in York Co., SC; died Aft. 1870; married Mary Alice Letsinger 12 Nov 1817 in Knox Co. SC.

                     ii.      Henry Huffstutler, born Abt. 1789; died 20 Jun 1840 in Cape Girardeau Co. MO.

                    iii.      Barbara Huffstutler, born 1794; died in unknown.

                    iv.      Mary Huffstutler, born 1796; died in unknown; married John Moats 19 Dec 1820 in Knox Co., TN.


Notes for Mary Huffstutler:

They had 5 children listed in the 1820 census, one daughter and 4 sons.


More About John Moats and Mary Huffstutler:

Marriage: 19 Dec 1820, Knox Co., TN


                     v.      John Huffstutler, born 1800; died in unknown; married Rachel Lyles 25 Nov 1825.


Notes for John Huffstutler:

John was gone from Knox Co. , by 1850


More About John Huffstutler and Rachel Lyles:

Marriage: 25 Nov 1825


                    vi.      Elizabeth Huffstutler, born 1802; died in unknown; married Abram Wease 19 Dec 1827 in Knox Co. TN.


Notes for Elizabeth Huffstutler:

They were gone from Knox Co., by 1850.  There is some indication that this family may have moved to Indiana.


More About Abram Wease and Elizabeth Huffstutler:

Marriage: 19 Dec 1827, Knox Co. TN


                   vii.      Martin Hufstutler, born 1808 in NC.



      10.  Phillip Letsinger (Source: (1) "Monocacy and Catoctin". C.E. Schildknecht, editor,  page 95., (2) "Genealogical Index to Frederick County, MD"  page 59., (3) "Loudoun County Virginia Tithables 1758-1778" vol 2, pages 526-543-699 and 846., (4) Virginia County Court Records, Deed Abstracts of Loudon Co, Virginia, 1787-1788.), born 1769 in Frederick Co., MD; died Jun 1839 in Hickory Creek, Knox Co, Tennessee.  He was the son of 20. Phillip Lutsinger and 21. Sarah.  He married 11. Ann Petit 30 Jul 1789 in Bedford Co., VA (Source: (1) Marriage Bonds extrated from the appendix in the "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy", Vol. VI Virginia, (Marriages are not Quaker)., (2) Bedford County Marriage Bonds, Jul. 27, 1789; Philip Letsinger & Ann Pettit; David Mayberry,Surety; Consent of Lewis Pettit; Married by Jeremiah Hatcher,July 30,1789.).

      11.  Ann Petit, born Abt. 1772 in Virginia; died Abt. 1834 in Knox County, Tennessee.  She was the daughter of 22. Lewis Petit.


Notes for Phillip Letsinger:

On 18 JAN 1838 Phillip Letsinger of Knox Co. Tn sold 105 acres on the north bank of the Clinch River, Roane Co., TN to Nelson B. Ladd. 




Philip Letsinger was the head of the Letsinger family of VA and East Tennessee. Philip married in VA in 1789; by 1810, he had moved his family into East Tennessee and settled in Knox County. Based on my research of almost 20 years coupled with research accomplished by relatives and others, we have found several items of data on a few members of our early Letsinger family.


The following summaries provide data on Michael and Phillip Lutsinger and Philip Letsinger. To minimize the possibility of confusing the reader, for each summary heading I use the spelling Phillip Lutsinger to denote the father of Philip Letsinger (the Philip of VA and E-TN) and Philip Letsinger to denote the son. However, within each summary, the spelling of the name and surname is used as it appears in the source for each item entered and, also, the source is identified. Please note that to date we have found only one source, a will, which specifically ties two of these Letsingers together.


Michael Lutsinger - Michael Lutsinger arrived in Philadelphia, PA, on September 9, 1738, aboard the ship “Glasgow” from Rotterdam. He was age 29 at the time and was one of 120 men along with 229 women and children who sailed together from Europe to America. This infomation may be found in “Pennsylvania German Pioneers”, page 205. According to "Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774" by Murtie June Clark, page 96, Michael Letsinger was in Captain John White's Company, Maryland Militia, for six days service, about 1758. In an issue of the Maryland Historical Magazine, article titled "French and Indian War", page 267, Michael Letsinger is listed as having received pounds 48 0.. 6.. 0 for his service during the French and Indian War. In "Monocacy and Catoctin", C. E. Schildknecht, editor, page 261, Michael Lutzinger is mentioned for giving a bill of sale in 1759 to George Poe for 3 horses, 7 cattle, and one iron pot; this transaction apparently occurred in Middletown Valley, which is located west of Frederick, MD. This information originated from Frederick County, MD land records, specifically Land Record F. From this last item, Michael Lutzinger is listed in the "Genealogical Index to Frederick County, MD", Vol. 3, page 89. Finally, in the "1783 Tax List for Baltimore County, Maryland, Baltimore East Hundred", page 10 of a transcribed version, the name Michael Litzinger appears, along with Henry Litzinger and Peter Letzinger. Since Michael Lutsinger was born in 1709, I believe this Michael may have been the eldest son of Phillip (see below).


Phillip Lutsinger - In "Monocacy and Catoctin", C. E. Schildknecht, editor, page 95, Philip Litsinger is mentioned as a head of families of Frederick County, MD, who, in March 1766, petitioned the Governor to call the MD Assembly for the purpose of issuing bills of credit (paper money). From this last item, Philip Litsinger is listed in the "Genealogical Index to Frederick

County, MD", page 59. According to Frederick County land records, on August 21, 1769, Philip Letzinger and his wife Sarah sold their land to Peter Yeader. Their land was called “Philips Chance” and was located in the area of Little Antietam, which was southwest of the town of Frederick. In Loudoun County, VA, heads of families paid a yearly tithe to the court. The name of Phillip appears as follows in “Loudoun County Virginia Tithables 1758-1778,” volume 2: pages 526 (Phillip Ledsinner), 543 (Fillep Ledsinger), 699 (Philip Letsinger) and 846 (Philip Lettsinger). On March 15, 1777, in Loudoun County, VA, Philip Lutesinger made his will in which he mentioned his wife Sarah and children Michael, Philp and Rebecca. Philip's children, Philip and Becky, were mentioned in an Indenture of Lease made between George William Fairfax and James Neilson in June 1787 ("Virginia County Court Records, Deed Abstracts of Loudoun County, Virginia, 1787-1788", page 40); Philip and Rebecca were identified as the children of Nielson’s wife by her former husband. We have no further information on wife Sarah or children Michael and Rebecca, except for Michael possibly being in Baltimore County, MD in 1783, as mentioned above.


Philip Letsinger - Philip, son of Phillip, was born about 1769, probably in Frederick County, MD; this date is derived from his second wife’s pension records (which are in the National Archives) in which Philip’s doctor states that Philip was about 70 years of age when he died in 1839. According to marriage records of Bedford County, VA, on July 27, 1789, Philip obtained a bond to marry Ann Pettit, probably a daughter of Lewis Pettit. Next, in Knox County, TN, marriage records of October 1810, Philip was listed as a bondsman. On November 6, 1838, Philip obtained a bond to marry Elizabeth Shinpock. According to Elizabeth’s pension records (her pension was based on her first husband’s (Henry Shinpock) service and death during the War of 1812), her second husband Philip Letsinger died in June 1839 and was buried at Hickory Creek Meeting House, Knox County, TN. Based on census, marriage and probate records, Philip’s children were: Elizabeth Rebecca, John, Sarah, Mary Alice, Frances, Philip, Susan, Daniel B., Lewis Pettit, Allen, and Jacob, all by his first wife Ann; there were no known children by his second wife. Except for Jacob, all of these named children are known to have grown to adulthood. Except for Frances, all of these named children were married.


If there are any questions, please contact me directly at usasprinter@earthlink.net.




Philip buried at the Hickory Creek meetinghouse which today is

known as Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.






Jul. 27, 1789; Philip Letsinger & Ann Pettit; David Mayberry, Surety; Consent of Lewis Pettit; Married by Jeremiah Hatcher, July 30,1789.


Bedford County Marriage Bonds

Extracted from the appendix in Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol VI, Virginia



More About Phillip Letsinger:

Burial: Hickory Creek Meeting House, Knox Co., TN


Marriage Notes for Phillip Letsinger and Ann Petit:

Phillip Letsinger and Ann Pettit, July 30, 1789  David Mayberry, surety,   Conset of Lewis Pettit,  Married by Jeremiah Hatcher


Bedford County Marriage Bonds

Extracted from the appendix in Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol VI, Virginia. (Marriages are NOT Quaker)




More About Phillip Letsinger and Ann Petit:

Marriage: 30 Jul 1789, Bedford Co., VA (Source: (1) Marriage Bonds extrated from the appendix in the "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy", Vol. VI Virginia, (Marriages are not Quaker)., (2) Bedford County Marriage Bonds, Jul. 27, 1789; Philip Letsinger & Ann Pettit; David Mayberry,Surety; Consent of Lewis Pettit; Married by Jeremiah Hatcher,July 30,1789.)


Children of Phillip Letsinger and Ann Petit are:

       5             i.      Mary Alice Letsinger, born 1798 in VA; died Aft. 1870; married Jacob Flemming Hufstutler 12 Nov 1817 in Knox Co. SC.

                     ii.      Elizabeth Rebecca Letsinger, born 1791 in Bedford County, MD; married James Martin.

                    iii.      John Letsinger (Source: LDA Batch # 8711801  Source Call # 1396340  Sheet 91.), born 19 Apr 1792 in Wythe, MD; died 07 May 1874 in Knox Co. TN; married (1) Joanna Buckalew 06 May 1818 in Roane Co., TN; married (2) Elizabeth Edmiston 03 Aug 1827; born 1806; died 1863; married (3) Mary Jane Peters England 03 Aug 1870 in Anderson Co., TN.


More About John Letsinger:

Burial: Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Hickory Creek, TN


More About John Letsinger and Joanna Buckalew:

Marriage: 06 May 1818, Roane Co., TN


                    iv.      Sarah Letsinger, born 1794 in Bedford County, MD; married Samuel Davis.

                     v.      Frances Letsinger, born 04 Jan 1801 in Bedford County, MD.

                    vi.      Philip Letsinger, born Apr 1802; married Susan Edmondson 02 Feb 1826 in Knox Co., TN.


More About Philip Letsinger and Susan Edmondson:

Marriage: 02 Feb 1826, Knox Co., TN


                   vii.      Susan Letsinger, married Henry Shinpaugh 1832 in Knox Co., TN.


More About Henry Shinpaugh and Susan Letsinger:

Marriage: 1832, Knox Co., TN


                  viii.      Daniel Letsinger

                    ix.      Lewis Letsinger, born 1812 in TN; married Margaret Thornton 27 Sep 1831 in Knox Co., TN (Source: LDA Batch # M519415  Source Call # 1020952  Dates 1793-1860.).


More About Lewis Letsinger and Margaret Thornton:

Marriage: 27 Sep 1831, Knox Co., TN (Source: LDA Batch # M519415  Source Call # 1020952  Dates 1793-1860.)


                     x.      Allen Letsinger (Source: LDS file# 1985550.), born 1813 in Knox Co. TN; married Elizabeth.

                    xi.      Jacob Letsinger



      12.  Michael Hassler (Source: (1) LDS file# 1903863., (2) LDS file# 1903545., (3) Deed Book 2   York Co., PA, page 388., (4) Census 1800 Hopewell Twp., York, PA., (5) `WHERE THEY CAME FROM - HASLER FAMILIES' page 109-126.., (6) Powell's History of York County, vol 1, page 953, Powell's History of York County, vol 1, page 953.), born 05 Nov 1754 in PA; died 04 Sep 1826 in Harriman, Roane Co., TN.  He was the son of 24. Michael Hassler and 25. Margreta Unknown.  He married 13. Christina Maria Giselmann Dec 1777 in York Co., PA.

      13.  Christina Maria Giselmann, born 1758 in Hopewell Twp., York Co., PA; died 03 Feb 1847 in Roane Co., TN.  She was the daughter of 26. Johann Michael Geiselman and 27. Marie Whilemina FRIENSCH.


Notes for Michael Hassler:

1783 tax report - Codorus (Last name, first name, acres, # of inhabitants)


Hassler Christian 50 5


Hassler George 4 4


Hasler Michael 60 6 1 servant 


Hasler Abraham 2


Hasler Joseph 146 6 1 servant





Another home page with ties to this family is KED'S HOME PAGE



From Roots of Roane County, TN by Snyder E. Roberts


In making their niche in Roane history, the Hassler families, over a period of time, "cut a wide swath" from Poplar Creek at Oliver Springs, through Hen Valley, Webster Pike, Clinch River to establish themselves on Emery River at Swan Pond. The family name occurs in records with various spellings, but "Hassler" was used in naming the well-known mill at Swan Pond, and the road from Harriman to Swan Pond still carries the name Hassler Mill Road.


In 1800, MICHAEL HASSLER II and Michael III bought (Anderson Book A, p 33) 200 acres from Charles McClung. This tract was located at the eastern present city limits of Oliver Springs on Poplar Creek and on the Roane-Anderson counties line. At this location, they were neighbors to Revolutionary War soldiers: WILLIAM and THOMAS BUTLER, ANCIL MANLEY, WILLIAM GRIFFITH, NATHAN SULLINS, THOMAS JONES, DOUGLAS OLIVER, WILLIAM REPETO, and possibly others. The Hasslers obtained adjoining land and mill sites. Anderson County Court Minutes from 1802 show that the Hasslers had a mill on Main Poplar Creek. This meant that the Hasslers had to be highly skilled millwrights and millers in order to build and operate successfully a mill at that location because of the large volume of water and extensive flodding. No doubt, the Hasslers were assisted in their mill building by JOHN SCARBROUGH, the master mill builder.




In 1810, the Hasslers started their trek into Roane by purchasing (Roane E, p 410) 230 acres from Charles McClung. This tract included a mill site on a branch emptying into Indian Creek. This mill on the old Oliver Springs-Harriman Highway operated until in the 1920's. In disposing of the Anderson County tract, Michael Hassler III executed an unusual deed to WILLIAM WRIGHT. The deed (Anderson K, p 174) has Michael III's name signed in German (below the signature, the Clerk signed in English "Michael Hossler".)




The Hasslers acquired considerable acerage in Hen Valley on the western outskirts of present Oliver Springs near their mill. These tracts were later acquired by the BORUM and LILES families. Michael III sold (L, p 299) 25 acres on Crass' Mill Creek between Scandlyn and Orchard View to JACOB CRASS which adjoined the Crass mill dam. There are some indications that the Hasslers were related by marriage to the Crasses. Michael III and his sons, Michael IV and Simeon, bought and sold land and mill sites in the Webster Pike area (segment of old Oliver Springs-Harriman highway).


By 1820, Michael III owned 600 acres on Emery River at Swan Pond. It was here that he erected the large mill that bore his name. In 1871, Simeon Hassler was living at Swan Pond and paying taxes on 905 acres and his mill. In 1880, he owned 465 acres bounded by GREEN, KNOBLOUGH, BYRD, and ELLIS.




The key to understanding the Hassler family lines is to know there were four generations of "Michael" Hasslers. Michael Hassler I came from "Hasli Val" in the Germanic-speaking region of Switzerland to PA where he landed September 28, 1749. He had sons: Michael II, Joseph, Christian, George and Abraham. Of these, George and Abraham were later in Anderson County, but it was Michael II who settled on the Roane-Anderson line in 1801.




Michael Hassler II was born November 5, 1754 in PA, and died September 4, 1826 in Roane County. He served in the Rev. War for the period 1777-1781. He married (12/1777) in York County, PA, CHRISTIANA GIELSMAN (1758-1847). Christiana applied for a widow's pension in 1841. The pension application included the names and birthdates of their eleven children, all of whom were born in York County, PA.


MICHAEL III , GEORGE (1780), CHATERINA (1781), EVA (1783), MARGARET (1785), ADAM (1787) married Sophia. He fought in the War of 1812, and his family is shown in the Roane 1850 census. In the 1870 Roane census, Adam, 83 is retired, Sophia 70 keeping house.  DANIEL (1791) married (1811 in Roane) NANCY NOEL. He also fought in the War of 1812. ELIZABETH (1793) married (1821 in Roane) WILLIAM BOWMAN. CHRISTINA (1795), JOHN (1797) married (1825) ELIZABETH DOW, ABRAHAM (1797) married NANCY____. They are shown in the Anderson County 1850 census with five children.




Michael Hassler III was born in York County, PA, October 29, 1778, and died in Roane, TN in 1853. He married (probably in Anderson Co.) AGNES SCARBROUGH (1788 VA-1863). They are buried in the Swan Pond Methodist Church Cemetery. Michael III and his father, the Rev. War soldier, seemed to be closely associated as they moved from place to place in Roane County. It was Michael III who signed his name in German to the deed in Anderson County which indicates that strong ethnic customs and the German language had been handed down through the generations. Michael III and Agnes were outstanding citizens in the Swan Pond community, and their children intermarried with prominent Emery River families. Census records, Michael III's will dated 1853, and other court records give a rather complete story of him and his family. Michael III and Agnes had 12 children as follows:


Mary "Polly" (1806) m (1821) THEODORICK GREEN (1800) who was a brother to AUSTIN L. GREEN. In the 1850 census, Mary and Theodorick had the following children: James J., Jonathan, John, J.L., Almeda, Theodorick B, Letha A, Amanda, Avery, Milly.


Jane (1829) married SAMUEL K. RICHARDSON


Emily married (11830) JACOB FUNK


Dicey married (1831) ESAU FUNK


William married (1832) LOUISA NICHOLS


Nancy married (1833) THOMAS DUGGER


Mahala married (1834) WILEY RICHMOND


Simeon was born in 1820 and died in 1891. He married ALICE CRUMBLISS (1821-) from a prominent Roane family. He was a Justice of the Peace, a well-to-do farmer and miller and he probably served in the Civil War. It was Simeon who sold the four Hen Valley tracts at Oliver Springs to REV. THOMAS LILES in 1783. Children: Roena Hassler m George G. Byrd, Eliphlet F. Hassler  m Harriet Orpha Warner, Armedia Hassler m James R. Crow, Mary E. Hassler m Frances K. Suddath , James Michael Hassler,   Simeon Hassler, Jr.,  Susan Hassler, Henry Hassler, Delia Hassler, Alma E. Hassler.


Michael Hassler IV (1825 - ) married (1855) CHESTINA KNOBLOUGH (1835 Germany). Michael IV was a farmer and a miller. In the Roane 1860 census, Michael IV and Chestina had one child, Caroline, 2 years of age, and his mother, Agnes 72 years of age. In 1872, Michael IV was in the state of GA as shown in Roane Deed Book (K, p 444) in which Simeon was settling with his brother Michael IV, for their respective parts to three tracts of land and a mill.


Amanda (1830) married (1851) SAMUEL BORUM (1816). In 1841, Samuel Borum bought 234 acres in Hen Valley from his father-in-law to be, and bought other adjoining tracts. He was a prosperous farmer. During the Civil War, he either served in the Confederate Army, or was a southern sympathizer because after the War, he was sued by former Union officers. Samuel deeded much of his land to his brother and other relatives, and in 1866 went to Rock Island, Cook County, IL. His son, SAMUEL MCHENRY BORUM, later lived near Gadsden, AL. In the Roane 1860 census, Samuel and Amanda had three children: Mary C., Samuel McHenry, Florence. Another girl, Della, was born later.


Lydia married first (1839) MICHAEL LOWER. She married, secondly, PLEASANT BORUM (1814). By 1855, Lydia and Pleasant were living in Scott County, IL.


Carolina (1831-1890) married (1847 in Roane) JEHU PHILLIPS (1824-1899), grandson of CLEMMON PHILLIPS, RWS. Caroline and Jehu Phillips had children as follows: Monroe, Jerome S, Joseph E, Charles G, Reuben T. married JENNIE COOPER, Virgil L., Ellie, Fannie, Alma C. married JAMES WADE.




MICHAEL HASSLER, Jr. second son of Michael of Codorus Tp., York Co., PA.

MICHAEL HASSLER, second son of Michael and Margareta Hassler, born in 1751 in Philidelphia Co. Pa., date furnished by Mrs. Margaret Gregory of El Paso, Texas; died Sept. 4, 1826, date on tombstone; buried at Swan Pond Churchyard, Roane Co. Tennessee, which is near the town of Harriman, Tenn.; married Christina Geiselman who was born in York Co. Pa. in 1758 and died in Tenn. in 1847, is buried at Swan Pond Churchyard. After his father's death in 1774 Michael went to live for a short time in

Hagerstown, Md. While there he was influenced to start on foot to Tennessee. He walked to Knoxville, Tenn. In the winter of 1777 when Washington was at Valley Forge he married Christina Geiselman and joined the York County Militia. In the return of the year 1780 he is listed as Clerk in Captain George Geiselman's Company of the 7th Battalion and in 1782 he is Sergeant in the same Company.

(See page 54.) Michael inherited a part of his fathers farm in Cordorus Tp. York Co. and on May 6, 1786 he bought 182 acres and 103 perches in Hopewell Tp. York Co. On September 5, 1801 he sold this land to Michael Morrison. (See Deed Book 2, page 388, York.) Later he moved his family to Roane Co. Tenn. the exact year is not known. He built a house and mill at Swan Pond near Harriman in Roane Co. One

purchase of 133 acres is dated April 20, 1809. His house was only recently torn down and the mill is still standing. The state road passes by the place and is known as the Swan Pond Highway. (This information was furnished by Mrs.Margaret Gregory.)

Baptismal records have been found for the first six children of Michael and Christina. These children were born when the family was living in Codorus TP. York Co. After they moved to Hopewell Tp. it is thought the family attended Steltz Church. Steltz Church was built on two acres of ground given by Philip Steltz in the year 1795 and is located in the 6th District of Baltimore County, Maryland, which is the next county adjoining York County. It was bounded on the north by the Mason and Dixon line at a point where Cordorus and Shrewsbury Townships meet that line. The church building was erected within a few feet of the boundary line in the state of Maryland. (See Powell's History of York County,

vol 1, page 953.) Unfortunately the baptismal records of Steltz Church have been lost and no more

records of Michael's children could be found. The dates of the last three children have been taken from census records.






More About Michael Hassler:

Baptism: 15 Dec 1754, St Michaels of Zion Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, PA

Burial: Swan Pond Churchyard, Roane Co., TN

Military service: Rev. War


Notes for Christina Maria Giselmann:

Applied for a widow's pension in 1841.  The pension application lilsted the names and birthday of their eleven children.


More About Christina Maria Giselmann:

Burial: Swan Pond Churchyard, Roane Co., TN

Nationality: I have seen some reference to Christina's palce of birth as Calfwell, Burleson Co., TX


More About Michael Hassler and Christina Giselmann:

Marriage: Dec 1777, York Co., PA


Children of Michael Hassler and Christina Giselmann are:

       6             i.      Abraham Michael Hassler, born 05 Jan 1798 in York Co., PA; died 1876 in Osage Co., MO; married Nancy Abt. 1816 in Marion Co., TN.

                     ii.      Michael Hassler, born 29 Oct 1778 in York Co., PA; died 23 Sep 1853 in Roane Co., TN; married (1) Anne Ziegker 1801; married (2) Anges Scarborough 1804 in Anderson Co., TN; born 03 Feb 1787 in Greenbriar Co., VA; died 05 Jun 1863 in Roane Co., TN.


More About Michael Hassler and Anne Ziegker:

Marriage: 1801


                    iii.      George Hassler, born 02 Feb 1780 in York Co., PA; died 23 Sep 1853 in Roane Co., TN; married Mary Noon; died 1823.

                    iv.      Maria Caterina Hassler, born 08 Dec 1781 in York Co., PA; died Unknown.

                     v.      Eva Margaret Hassler, born 11 Aug 1783 in York Co., PA.

                    vi.      Margaret Hassler, born 13 Jul 1785; died Unknown.

                   vii.      Johann Adam Hassler, born 19 Dec 1787 in York Co., PA; died Aft. 1870 in TN; married Nancy Ann Unknown; born 28 Feb 1797; died Bef. 1850.

                  viii.      Nathaniel Daniel Hassler, born 17 Apr 1791 in York Co., PA; married Nancy Noel 16 Jul 1911 in Roane Co., TN.


More About Nathaniel Hassler and Nancy Noel:

Marriage: 16 Jul 1911, Roane Co., TN


                    ix.      Elizabeth Hassler, born 22 May 1793 in York Co., PA; married William Bowman 11 Jan 1821 in Roane Co., TN.


More About William Bowman and Elizabeth Hassler:

Marriage: 11 Jan 1821, Roane Co., TN


                     x.      Christian Hassler, born 25 Mar 1795 in York Co., PA.

                    xi.      John Hassler, born 10 Dec 1797 in York Co., PA; died in Pike Co., MO; married Elizabeth Dowd 13 Jul 1825 in Roane Co., TN; died in Calloway Co., MO.


More About John Hassler and Elizabeth Dowd:

Marriage: 13 Jul 1825, Roane Co., TN


                   xii.      Mary Hassler (Source: "Roots of Roane Co., TN", by Snyder E. Roberts, pages 151-152      published 1981.), born 1806; married Theoderick Green 1821 in Roane Co., TN.


More About Theoderick Green and Mary Hassler:

Marriage: 1821, Roane Co., TN



                  HASSLER's Swan Pond Churchyard, Roane Co., TN

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